11 Johnny depp tattoos with Meanings

Johnny Depp is a favorite actor for a lot of people and he is a crush for a lot of women across the world. Ever since the Amber Heard case and incident, people have been raging about him and the case itself. Johnny gained love and support, as well as a ton of recognition and eyes on him. This is why and when people started noticing all about his presence, such as his tattoos and gorgeous artwork that he likes to show off. If you’re intrigued by his tattoos and you’d like to explore some options yourself and find a design that you truly like, this article is for you. Keep on reading and let us spoil you with some amazing Johnny Depp tattoos that you’re going to want to try out and copy.

Top 11 Johnny Depp Tattoos & Their Meaning

1. Cherokee Tribe Tattoo On Right Arm


Do you know what this giant tattoo means and represents in Johnny’s case? Although he is always rocking tattoos from head to toe, all of them are meaningful and significant in one way or the other. In fact, he rarely gets a tattoo that he is not madly in love with, or that doesn’t hold a deeper meaning. How close and connected are you with your chosen tattoos? In this picture, Johnny is showing off three different kinds of tattoos. The one that we’re going to focus on is Cherokee Tribe’ Tattoo on his right arm. This tribal tattoo has been on him since he was 17 years old. In fact, his great-grandmother was a Cherokee, and he wanted to pay great respects to that. The most shocking part is that he has had this tattoo for almost 40 years now, yet it barely aged or washed out whatsoever.

2. Three Small Hearts Tattoo On Left Arm


Do you see these three little types of mountains on his left bicep? This somewhat smaller tattoo is very cute and mini, which is what makes it appropriate for those of you who want a seamless design. Not only that it is gorgeous, but it is also quite affordable. Well, in fact, these are three little heart symbols that Johnny got in regard to and respect towards his past marriage. He was married to Vanessa Paradis (dated 1998-2012) and had dedicated this design to her. He also showed love for their two children, Lily-Rose Depp (born on May 27, 1999) and Jack Depp (born on April 9, 2002. This tattoo just goes to show you how much of a family man he actually is. Showing true love and closeness to his family, this red-colored heart is such a sentimental print worth exploring.

3. Black Snake Tattoo On Right Wrist


Do you see this snake tattoo right near his right wrist? A black wiggly line within a black circle? This is also one of those older tattoos that date back to 2012! With it, he wanted to show off his Native American roots and his adoption into Comanche Nation. A snake print is used to show off the transformation, new chapters, as well as adaptation in your life. If you want to try out some new beginnings and you wish to embrace your inner Johnny Depp, why not get this tattoo?

4. Anchor Fish Tattoo Right Arm


Do you see this anchor fish popping and peeking through on Johnny’s bicep? This is a medium-sized tattoo that he has had for a while. It is nicely done in this black ink and is not too pricey to do. Do you wonder about its meaning and symbolism? This symbol was often used in Christianity, as it symbolizes hope even when one may feel stuck or hopeless. You can recreate it as well if your main goal is to show growth and persistence, no matter in which way or tactic. You can get it even if you’re not religious, just look at how Johnny is rocking it!

5. Salve Ogum Tattoo Left Forearm


Check out this little & mini-creative design on his left arm. Salve Ogum is a saying that is done in black ink, looking a bit goofy or like a cartoon image for most of us. However, did you know that this is a saying in Portuguese and Latin languages? Johnny got this design back in 2010 during his trip to Hawaii. He loved it so much due to its simple meaning, which translates to ‘save’. However, one can say so much with this short word, don’t you agree?

6. Lily-Rose Tattoo Left Side Of Chest


Don’t you just love this chest tattoo on Johnny? It is a gorgeous piece, and an even prettier name, if we might add. This tattoo on the left side of the chest holds a meaningful and powerful explanation. Lily-Rose is the name of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, who was born on May 27, 1999. Johnny wanted to show that he was a loving father, as well as someone very close to his daughter. This tattoo and placement hold a deep meaning and connection for him, which is why anyone who is a father should give it a go. If you really love your little one, show it to them forever!

7. Crow Tattoo Right Hand


Do you see this little crow tattoo on his hand and his palm? It is a “fly” design, don’t you agree? It has been on his body for 11 years now (since 2012), which is when he originally did it in Toronto. Some believe that this tattoo is for his grandad and for showing respect and love towards him. This is because Bill (Mr. Depp’s grandfather), has the same design on his hand. If you and your loved one want to get matching tattoos that show closeness, you can’t go wrong with a raven!

8. Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean Tattoo


Can you see the word Jack on his right arm, just below his elbow? How cool of a tattoo is this little drawing? Right above the word Jack there is also this little drawing of a sparrow, which didn’t age just as well as Johnny got older. Do we even need to explain and give out reasons behind this tattoo? This tattoo is inspired by the tattoo of Captain Jack Sparrow, a fictional character from the Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a movie that has made Depp millions (if not billions) of dollars in his career. He has had this print for 20 years now, and it is one of his finest and most proud tattoos. It is an iconic piece that Johnny is going to cherish forever.

9. Quote Silence Exile Cunning Tattoo Left Forearm


Just next to his guitar and on his left wrist, you can see that Depp is “rocking” a quote of some sort. What is it about? Well, this design has been on him since 2007. You can read that it says “Silence Exile Cunning”, but what does it mean? Well, we bet that you didn’t know that this is a quote from the book by James Joyce?! If you ever find yourself eager to read something, we highly suggest that you give ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ a go! As you can see, Johnny loved it, and so will you!

10. Grandfather’s Portrait’ Tattoo Right Forearm


A portrait of his grandad is such a sweet and sentimental tattoo that you’re going to love! Not only that Johnny is showing his soft and sweet side, but he is also letting the world know how much he values his grandfather. When he was just nine years old, Johnny lost his grandpa but has valued him ever since, as he is a part of his childhood memories. In one interview where he was asked about him, this is how he described him “He drove a bus during the day and ran moonshine at night. He was a busy man”. If you want to come off as a family guy and if you’re close to your grandad or if you wish to value him forever, this tattoo is for you!

11. Zigzag Tattoo Left Hand


How cool is this zigzag tattoo?! Do you enjoy cool and intriguing palm or fist tattoos? This design is very vibrant and visible, as well as easy to recreate if you’re a huge fan of Johnny. He has had this tattoo since 2012, so over ten years now, and it holds a deep meaning for him. The ‘Z’ or the zigzag is a common Native American symbol. This tattoo is very spiritual, as it shows the movement of Mother Earth, yet how small and insignificant we are compared to it. The two horizontal lines talk about the journey of life and the understanding as we walk and conquer everything that life may throw at us. If you love finding explanations in your tattoos, as well as hidden patterns and meanings, this might suit you.

Rock A Johnny Inspired Tattoo!

Are you ready to embrace your inner Johnny Depp? Do you fancy his entire appearance and his character? If you’re a big fan of him and his artwork and if you’d like to explore some cool tattoos, we know that you’re going to find this article super helpful. All of these designs can suit men and women as they’re universal and truly gorgeous. Which one is your favorite? Let us know down below.

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