Brad Pitt Tattoos

Brad Pitt is mostly known for his gorgeous looks and for being married to Angelina Jolie. However, did you know that he also has some cool and subtle tattoos all over his body? Although he is not popular in that way, he is still an inspiration for young guys and girls worldwide. If you’re a fan of his work and good looks, why not also become a fan of his aesthetic? Anyone who wants to find some gorgeous options will fancy these tattoos that are listed down below.

Top 11 Brad Pitt Tattoos

1. Brad Pitt Right Forearm Initial Tattoo


Do you love sentimental tattoos? If so, you’re going to fall in love with this tattoo on Brad Pitt! This piece is something that he is mostly known for. It is a tattoo that he often displays and proudly shows off. In this image, you can see a tiny cross with several letters on it. These letters are the initials of his family members. A stands for Angelina, M stands for Maddox, P is for Pax, Z for Zahara, S for Shiloh, K for Knox & V for Vivienn. He is such a caring father and loves to talk about his personal life. If you are also on the lookout for a sentimental piece – this might suit you. The tattoo speaks of love, moral values & the bond that he appreciates the most.

2. Back Tattoo With A Quote


Brad Pitt is somewhat shy & private when it comes to showing off his body. You won’t find a lot of pics online of his back or his back tattoos. This is why we have to focus on this picture and all three different tattoos that he has. The biggest tattoo is like a tornado, and right above it, you can see a quote by Bob Dylan. The tattoo reads ”We live, we die, we know not why, but I’ll be with you.” Most fans think that it was a tattoo dedicated to Angelina. Although never confirmed, we do know that there is one piece that was dedicated to her. On his back, Brad also has a drawing of a few lines. These were created by Angelina while Brad was sleeping. When he woke up he felt like tattooing them forever. When she was interviewed about it, Angelina said that the scribbles lined up together “beautifully”.

3. Brad Pitt Tattoo On Calf Rhinoceros Print


During one movie premier, Brad decided to make a bold statement. In fact, he wore a loose skirt, and allowed us to take a close look at his tattoos! This one, on his right leg, looks like a drawing of a rhinoceros. It doesn’t have a meaning and it doesn’t symbolize something in particular, but it is a gorgeous masterpiece. It is very well done and almost has a geometrical vibe to it. It is done in a black defined link, and could just symbolize that he loves animals.

4. Right Bicep Tattoo Small Shadow


Take a close look at his right bicep and you will easily spot two different tattoos. We will focus on this little tattoo and a man’s portrait that’s peeking through. He got this tattoo in 2019. Not everyone knows its exact meaning and people are constantly making guesses. Our take on it? We think that it is the Benjamin Button reference. A movie that has made him so famous to this day! The design looks like a man who is looking at his own shadow. If you enjoy artsy tattoos and you want something that Brad also has, why not this?!

5. Brad Pitt Tattoo Left Arm Hidden Quote


On his left arm, Brad has a small quote that he is very shy & private about. Not all tattoo artists are meant to be displayed and shown to the world. It is quite hard and nearly impossible to read all the pictures from afar. Speculations are that Angelina & he got some matching designs when they were in Thailand.

6. Stomach Tattoo Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Tattoo


This well-hidden stomach tattoo is very intimate & private. Brad prefers to rock everything in his own low-key way. Yet, we can clearly see it peeking through. In fact, this is a giant black stomach tattoo that he also dedicated to Angelina. You can clearly see her name letters, and there’s also her birthdate next to it. Not a lot of people would dare to go this big. Would you? Well, in his case, it just shows true love and connection to Angelina. You can also get something similar to show your partner love & dedication.

7. Left Bicep Tattoo Big Doll


This giant mannequin-like tattoo is very cool and quite fun & different, don’t you agree? Brad loves to gradually add tattoos onto his body, hence why this Otzi figure! This is the world’s oldest mummy, Otzi the Iceman, which you can interpret however you like. If you are a history fanatic or if you love ‘ancient looking tattoos’, this may be for you. Although we might not know the true meaning behind this tattoo, we do know that Brad can rock it in style!

8. Small Arm Tattoo Motorcyle Print


Did you know that Brad Pitt is obsessed with motorcycles? Well, there’s another fun fact about him that may intrigue you! Anyone who loved Brad Pitt tattoos will also enjoy this design. It is very manly and quite simple at the same time. Brad has over 20 models in his collection and is a true motor fan. He got this tattoo six years ago and is not as spiritual as the rest of his artwork. If you are all about powerful & masculine designs, this overall concept may work the best for you.

9. Brad Pitt Tattoo Calf Skull & Octopus


During the promotion of the movie ”Bullet Train,” a lot of attention went to Mr. Pitt’s legs & calves. This skirt really did him justice, don’t you think? Well, you can find several tattoos on him and his legs, while we’re going to focus on a human skull, as well as a tattoo of an octopus. These are two very manly & straightforward symbols, often associated with life and unknown circumstances! If you love to live it to its fullest potential – this will show it. Although quite small, they are still very well done. The rest of the designs are harder to identify.

10. Invicuts Tattoo


Can you see and read the word ‘Invictus’ on his left arm? What does it mean? Well, its direct translation is unconquerable or undefeated. However, what does it mean in Brad’s case? Most people think that it is a reference to the poem by the British poet William Ernest Henley of the same name. The whole meaning of the song lays in bravery and being as a tough person while helping others through their healing.

11. Brad pitt Tattoo Hidden Quote design


Lastly, can you see this big quote that is on his right bicep? In fact, this is a poem from the 13th century, which is very important to Pitt. It is a poem by Rumi, which says: ”There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there.” Most women melt & cry at things like these, trust us! This is such a gorgeous & romantic tattoo, which just further shows who Brad is! A sweetheart like him can be an inspiration for guys across the world.

Awake Your Inner Brad Pitt!

Brad Pitt is such a gorgeous and handsome man, often seen as a sex symbol and a gorgeous figure by women across the world. Do you fancy him as well? If you’re a true Pitt fan why not recreate and copy some of his tattoos? The truth is that anyone can rock something from our list, as there’s a bit of everything for everyone! Both guys and girls can copy and recreate some of these tattoos while doing their own take and twist on a chosen design. Which one is your favorite? Let us know, and just know they we can’t wait to see you with your new tattoo.

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