Top 25 Tattoo Shops Chicago: Amazing Artists

Tattooing is an exciting form of self-expression and art that has captivated people across the globe for centuries. In recent years, it’s become a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, with Chicago as one of its main hubs. 

With so many tattoo artists and shops competing against each other here, picking one can be tricky! That’s why we have compiled a list of the 25 best tattoo parlors located throughout this vibrant city, making sure you get not only beautiful ink but also safe procedures done by trusted professionals who know their stuff!

Best Tattoo Shops Chicago Illinois

Deluxe Tattoo  

Made popular by the artist and TLC series star Hannah Aitchison, the Deluxe Tattoo studio has been offering services in Chicago since 1997. It is a full-service tattoo shop with tens of thousands of satisfied customers due to its friendly tone and professional work. They have an Instagram page where they post their best creations. On their page, you can find some unique designs, minimalist black and white, and storytelling tattoos.   

Deluxe Tattoo is your go-to tattoo shop in Chicago if you need a spot-on portrait. The owner Ben Wahhh is well known for his tattooing style, which he calls “bio wreck,” which creates the appearance of ripping skin, revealing colorful skulls and eyeballs. They only attend to their customers through an appointment. So, make sure to contact them through a call or email before visiting.   

Tattoo Factory  

No matter what kind of body modification you’re looking for, The Tattoo Factory is your one-stop shop. From traditional portraits to realism, their talented artists can do that with ease. Moreover, their exceptional tattoo artists can create great cover-ups and custom art to bring your vision to life. 

The best part-you that you can bring your friends, and they can enjoy a drink while you get yourself inked with a creative tattoo.   

Ageless Tattoo  

Ageless Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo studios in Chicago. Clients can enjoy a range of packages, from various pre-made designs, and get them customized according to their style. 

To learn more about their designs and work, you can go through their Instagram page, where they post pictures of their best creations. In addition, they have a beautiful website with a dark theme that is pretty easy to navigate.   

The studio also hosts professional artists as guests at their events which help them attract new customers and get more guidance to work better. The staff is professional but quite frank with customers, which creates a friendly vibe in their studio.   

Pioneer Tattoo  

If you’re looking for a realistic body modification, the Pioneer Tattoo studio is your place to be. They have a team of trained artists that can create nature scenes that seem so realistic that you would like to touch them to ensure it’s a tattoo. 

Their styles and designs are instantly recognizable with a smooth grey and black shade. They use subtle muted colors that create a real image of the scene in the tattoo.   

One can even choose the design they find the best on their social media page. Clients love this place as it offers the most demanding designs, such as a full tattoo on the back. Artists use high-tech equipment to create any design and style you want on your body. Customers are greatly satisfied with the skills and treatment they get from the artists in this studio.  

Chicago Ink  

Chicago Ink is another best tattoo shop in the city, where customers can get almost any type of design on their body. They have a team of talented tattoo artists, cosmetic tattooists, and body piercers. They have local and international artists who create custom designs for every customer to ensure their vision is reflected in every piece of art they produce.   

They have studios in two locations – one on North Milwaukee Avenue and the other on West Irving Park Road. The best part- you can visit this studio any time, any hour of the day. 

From realism, biomechanical, tribal, and realism traditional, they can create any body modification you need. Another advantage of Chicago ink is that they also do great cover-ups if you want to hide an existing tattoo.   

Ink and Iron  

Ink and Iron is the perfect place to get custom artwork in Chicago, IL. Their talented tattoo artists provide unparalleled expertise when it comes to designing one-of-a-kind ink pieces.

On top of that, they understand that getting a tattoo can be extremely painful. So, they offer multiple options for pain management as well as tea and movie choices while customers relax in an open yet safe space on Cicero Ave!

9 Mag Tattoo  

Established in 2014, 9 Mag Tattoo Studio is a haven of body art expertise. Their certified artists are dedicated to providing their customers with quality tattoo services at reasonable prices while following safe and proper procedures. 

They’re skilled specialists offering Asian, Tribal, New School, and Old School styles as well as portraits, black & gray realism – even media/cartoons! No design is too ambitious; they create custom pieces on the spot using references from postcards to photos for truly unique artwork worth showing off.

Shred’s Inferno  

Shred’s Inferno is a full-service tattoo shop located in the south of Chicago. The owner of this versatile tattoo parlor, Shred, is an award-winning tattoo artist. With 25 brilliant years of experience in the field, he opened his studio in the year 1997.

Since the beginning of the studio, he had a partner Michelle who helped him with all the high-quality work, and both together offer a full range of tattoo designs from realism to neo-traditional to a new school, watercolor, black and grey, and outline art. They welcome walk-in customers, but it’s best to make an appointment to secure your time and spot with your preferred tattoo artist.   

The Chicago Tattooing Company  

The Chicago Tattooing and Piercing Company has been providing exceptional body art for almost half a century. Established in 1973, the studio was an early adopter as tattoo art wasn’t part of the mainstream culture when it started out in the mid-1960s. 

With experienced artists skilled at creating any design imaginable, their portfolio is composed of truly remarkable works ranging from Yellow-eyed Geishas to Day Of The Dead skulls to intricately detailed cactus plants – whatever style you are looking for!

Studio One Chicago  

Studio One Chicago is a tattoo shop that works on only permanent designs and doesn’t offer piercing treatments. If you prefer Japanese-style ink designs, this Chicago tattoo shop should be your pick. The owner Nuco Villanueva has been offering tattooing services since 1996. As a creator, he is drawn to the traditional methods and striking hues that characterize Japanese styles. 

This idea is shared by the other residents and guest artists as well. Despite his love of tradition, he frequently travels to study with other tattoo artists and tattooists to improve his tattooing skills and serve his customers better.  

Code of Conduct Tattoo  

The Code of Conduct Tattoo shop was opened in Chicago’s South loop in the year 2010. The owner Jamie Navarro is highly skilled in tattoo arts and has a background in photography as well. They are a team of skilled and experienced artists from different traditions that offers you a range of styles from traditional to a new school, black and grey, and fine line. 

They welcome customers with an appointment only but offer you to choose your favorite artist for the artwork. So, it’s best to make a prior appointment and book your spot to get your tattoo designed by your chosen artist.  

Archer Avenue Tattoo  

If you’re looking for a studio with one-of-a-kind, beautiful black and white designs in the Chicago area, Archer Avenue Tattoo is your go-to. 

With its friendly staff that warmly welcomes customers into their shop and amazing artists specializing in both tattoo artistry as well as piercing services, this is an ideal place to get your body decorated! 

What’s more? You can’t just walk right in – make sure to schedule ahead of time so you don’t miss out on getting precisely what you want at the perfect moment.

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo  

Take a unique journey into the world of ink at Speakeasy Custom Tattoo studio! This renowned tattoo shop in Chicago is home to some of the most talented and skilled artists around.

From classic American traditional designs, Japanese styles, 8-bit illustrations, or watercolor creations—anything you can imagine comes alive here with each artist’s personal touch. 

Book an appointment for your desired slot ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!

Family Tattoo  

Family Tattoo is a studio in Chicago that brings your imagination to life. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced tattoo artists who not only create great designs but also take care of your safety. In addition to creating wonderful tattoo styles, they also offer tips to heal your tattoo faster and ensure to meet all your demands. 

The studio has an Instagram page where they publish their best tattoo designs that look quite eccentric. Customers can also contact them on their website or social media pages if they want a special tattoo design.   

Tatu Tattoo  

Tatu Tattoo studio in Wicker Park has been providing custom ink work to the people of Chicago since 1993. 

With late hours, creative artists, and a “walk-in” policy – it is perfect for even those with hectic busy schedules.

From traditional American line art through Japanese styles, black & grey, all the way up to highly detailed realism pieces, there is no shortage of tattoo inspiration. 

So whether you want an intricately designed piece or something, spur of the moment – Tatu tattoo studio has got your back!

Good Kind Tattoo  

If you want artists that offer personalized service and pay attention to details, Good Kind tattoo is the best choice. Located in the Clybourne Ave Unit CS, Chicago, the studio has large-scale pieces of Japanese-style designs. The owner Rob Goodkind has been offering tattoo designs since 2006, and most of his designs are Japanese style. 

They have a team of talented artists that are specialized in Japanese, American traditional, watercolor, realism, and black and grey. They welcome walk-in customers, but it’s always good to book an appointment to guarantee a spot that suits your time.  

Infamous Tattoo Studio  

The primary goal of Infamous tattoo studio is to bring vitality to your tattoos. A team of talented tattoo artists works together to bring your vision to life. 

Although their social media presence is limited, the designs they have shared are highly polished and professional. While the website may appear disorganized, the artists are highly dedicated and skilled in their craft. Consider visiting the Infamous tattoo studio to see if they can fulfill your design needs.   

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo  

Speakeasy, owned by Patrick Cornell, is a premier destination for world-class tattoo artistry. It is an appointment-only, custom tattoo shop that prioritizes a sterile and functional work environment, as well as a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. 

They have a team of highly skilled local and international artists to offer exceptional service and tattoo styles. The tattoo studio regularly hosts guest artists worldwide to expand our artistic offerings.   

Great Lakes Tattoo  

Great Lakes Tattoo is a premier tattoo shop in Chicago, known for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. They have a vast collection of tattoo memorabilia, regularly host guest artists from around the world, and have a diverse team of artists with various styles. 

Whether you’re seeking traditional, contemporary, or something in between, they are able to create a masterpiece for you. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of flash designs for those looking for something simple and straightforward. The shop also features the Great State Gallery, a versatile art gallery and event space showcasing art, live music, and more.  

Revolution Tattoo  

For a memorable and unique tattoo to express your individual style, check out this highly-regarded studio. 

With 6K followers on Instagram alone, it’s clear they create stunning pieces that people can’t get enough of! You’ll be in the hands of true professionals who not only have expertise but also provide comfort breaks throughout the process if needed. 

Plus, their specialty is creating darker aesthetic designs such as gothic art – ideal for fashion enthusiasts looking to make an impact with their ink! 

If you’re interested, feel free to call or contact them via the form online; they even offer guidance during healing, so there will never be any reason why you don’t love your end result.

Great Lakes Tattoo  

In 2013, Nick and Sarah Colella established Great Lakes Tattoo in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. The studio is unique and features a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that pays homage to the rich history of tattooing, embracing its past, present, and future. Great Lakes 

The Great Lakes Tattoo is widely recognized as one of the top tattoo shops in Chicago. In addition to the tattooing services, the studio also boasts the Great State Gallery, an event and art space that showcases various art shows, book releases, and more.  

Taylor Street Tattoo  

Taylor Street Tattoo Co., founded in 2009 by Keith Underwood and Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone, is located in Chicago. Taylor Street Tattoo places a significant emphasis on preserving traditional tattoo motifs while also creating custom designs. 

The studio welcomes walk-ins, but appointments are recommended for larger designs. For those looking for a fun and unexpected experience, they offer a “You Get What You Get” option where customers pay and then select a design by turning a knob on a gumball machine.  

Tattoo Candy  

Tattoo Candy lives up to its name by creating both delicate and bold tattoos. Whether you’re seeking a small or substantial design, the studio is equipped to bring your tattoo vision to life. They work efficiently and safely and are attentive to your needs and preferences.  

The studio’s website is straightforward and directs visitors to its social media pages, which showcase a diverse array of eye-catching designs. These designs are a great source of inspiration for anyone considering getting a tattoo. The tattoos they create for clients are striking and will leave you impressed.  

Black Oak Tattoo  

Black Oak Tattoo, led by the talented Stephanie Brown, offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone looking for a tattoo. Stephanie is a master of painting and is able to transfer that skill to the human canvas, creating precise and lifelike designs on the skin. 

If you’re searching for a tattoo studio that feels like home, Black Oak Tattoo is the place to go. Keep in mind that appointments are required.   

Ash and Ivory Tattoo  

Ash and Ivory Tattoo is a highly reputable studio in Chicago known for its line-based and unparalleled designs. The artist Molly Emrick is a professional tattooist who specializes in abstract themes. 

She pays meticulous attention to details and customers’ specific requirements. You can check for any available openings or simply view their impressive portfolio on social media to see their designs and make a choice.   

Summing Up Chicago Tattoo Shops

If you’re looking to have your body adorned with a stylish tattoo, head on over to one of the top-rated studios in Chicago! Professional artists guarantee your design will be created flawlessly and safely. From classic realism pieces to vibrant watercolors – find an artist who can make sure that artistry is etched onto your skin for life.

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