Top 40 Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Do you have a tattoo that you regret? Let’s be honest, things change, people come and go, and a lot of us tend to make some drunken mistakes and do some awful tattoos. Not only that, but tattoos can look bad as you age and as they fade out. If you’re ready to rock something new and you are looking for ways how you can cover your current design that you dislike, this article is for you! Here, we’re going to help you cover up some tattoos, and will show you ways how you can make anything look good and artsy! Keep on reading and discover your options down below.

Best Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

1. Small Robot Cover Up Tattoo

Cover up tattoo ideas: Small Robot Cover Up Tattoo

Small and super seamless, cute and petite – this tattoo goes to show you how minimal artwork looks when covered the right way. If you like aliens or Sci-Fi tattoo ideas – this is a must-do in your case. Go in with a purple color if you want maximal coverage and if you wish to hide any previous ink in a successful way.

2. Big Black Shoulder Cover Up Tattoo

Giant big and black shoulder tattoo such as this one is for those who have had struggles in the past. Is there something that you wish to hide? If you’re someone who has scars and you’re not afraid of letting others know – this is a deep design and a tattoo worth exploring.

3. Pink Flamingo Cover Up Tattoo

How cute and feisty is this little flamingo?! If you’re a fan of cute art and you love girly designs and ideas, give this a go. It is going to look so good on women who are cheerful, as well as women who love to have fun all the time!

4. Cool Flower Cover Up Tattoo

Did you know that you can cover most of your tattoos with a floral art design? This is the most common tattoo cover-up approach for women who have had a giant tattoo that they, later on, regretted in life. If you have a big shoulder or back piece that needs a ton of touch-ups and brighter colors – this is for you.

5. Red Feather Cover Up Tattoo

This giant red feather can be used to symbolize your heart and your fiery personality. If you’re a fan of bigger tattoos and you trust your tattoo artist fully – commit to this print! The color combo such as this one is going to look attractive and feminine, while also symbolizing the love that you feel toward a certain person.

6. Big Eagle Cover Up Tattoo

Are you a big Eagles fan? Or do you just enjoy America in general? If you’re a big fan of this cute animal or the American culture – give this tattoo a go. It is going to show off your patriotic side, as well as your love for the entire US. If you want something bit across your back and if you enjoy colorful artwork – give this a go. The final result is going to look amazing on those who have big masculine backs.

7. Viking Shoulder Cover Up Tattoo

If you want a shoulder tattoo and if you enjoy bigger sleeve creations – give this a go. Men who love their arms and those who work out are going to fall in love with this creation. If you have a design that you regret and that has been on your body for ages – cover it all up with this sleeve print.

8. Colorful & Creative Cover Up Tattoo

Give it a go with this cover-up if you’re someone who likes colorful and wild tattoos. The whole tattoo itself stands for your love of nature and the things surrounding you. If you’re a fan of elegant art and you prefer colorful and vibrant tattoos, this is your jam! The final result is a bit pricey to go for, so heads up before you give it a go.

9. Back Rose Cover Up Tattoo

A gorgeous back rose tattoo like this one will symbolize your love and closeness for someone special and important. If you’ve been through something personal and you want to cover it up in your own way and under your own terms – book this tattoo.

10. Blue Medusa Cover Up Tattoo

Medusa is a popular Greek symbol and is often used in loads of different designs and for deeper meanings. You can go with this print to show that you’re looking at something big and great in your future. The color blue is often described as something bright and positive, as well as peaceful.

11. Colorful Cover Up Tattoo On Forearm

Try out a forearm tattoo and decorate it with these bright elements. If you have dark brown or black ink underneath, this will do the magic! The final outcome is used by those who love Mother Nature and sea creatures, as well as spiritualists and optimists.

12. Cool Flower Cover Up Tattoo

Cover up an old flower tattoo with a new floral art piece! This pink shade will look feminine and powerful while symbolizing your pure heart and feminine genuine spirit. The best part about this tattoo? It won’t hurt a lot plus it is not too pricey to do

13. Dramatic Black Ink Cover Up Tattoo

How dramatic do you dare to go? If you’re a fan of black outlines and defined tattoos, this is for you. The bigger or the more complex the design – the easier it is to hide it with this concept. Heads up as this piece can be tricky to do and is quite time-consuming.

14. Cool Pirate Cover Up Tattoo

Do you like sea-inspired tattoos and pirates? Maybe you also enjoy the red color? Red is used to describe your passion, as well as your emotions. Guys and girls who have had a poorly done dark red tattoo underneath will enjoy this piece and its covering-up power.

15. Example Of A Cover Up Tattoo

This is a gorgeous owl tattoo that just goes to show you how you can spice up a design and cover it up in a somewhat similar way. This baby feather can be covered with a baby owl and will easily spread a positive message. It shows that you’ve healed, yet that you’re ready for something new in your life.

16. Big & Feminine Cover Up Tattoo

This type of cover-up will take hours to perfect and complete. Can you commit to this tattoo and the tattooing process? It is mostly worn by girls who enjoy feminine tattoos and those who want a show-stopping piece. Make sure that your budget is flexible, as this tattoo can get pretty pricey and wild to do.

17. Summer Inspired Cover Up Tattoo

Tattoos that are placed really close to the bone can hurt quite a lot. This is why elbow, knee, or ankle tattoos can get pretty tricky to hide. If you prefer a pop of color and the summertime season is your favorite – you’re going to say quite a lot about yourself with this pineapple creation.

18. Small Blue Cover Up Tattoo

If you have a wrist tattoo that you regret and you’re looking for something that you can do quickly and easily – this mini blue heart is the right move for you. The color combo and heart shape will symbolize your closeness to someone new. If you want you can dedicate blue color to a guy in your life. Fill in the lines with darker ink to hide any previous mistakes or regrets.

19. Indian Inspired Cover Up Tattoo

A big and bold warrior-inspired tattoo such as this one is quite cool and trendy. It is going to cover up so much of your disliked previous ink + it is a big piece to consider doing. If you want a stomach tattoo with character and you’re fully committed and comfortable with your tattoo artist – show it off!

20. Trendy Colorful Cover Up Tattoo

Is your tattoo done in loads of different colors underneath and is it fairly hard for you to remove it or cover it up? If so, try out this tattooing style and technique. Anyone who struggles with bright neon color combos and wishes to explore a wild and alien-inspired piece will fancy this tattoo.

21. Black Rose Cover Up Tattoo

Place a giant black rose tattoo on your palm if you’re a fan of sexy tattoos. For a lot of people, showy and visible tattoos are forbidden as they can cause trouble at work. If you regret your previously done artwork and you want something new, modern, and lovely, why not this?

22. Cover Up Tattoo For Guys

A cover-up tattoo for guys over the shoulders is perfect for those who enjoy bigger pieces and tattoos that are quite masculine and bold. If you have something that you regret rocking on your biceps and if your story has changed – show it with this duo. Heads up as these big and masculine tattoos can take hours and hours to complete.

23. Tribal Cover Up Tattoo

Tribal cover-up tattoos are so gorgeous and when done the right way can cover anything that you may dislike about the previous design. Those who have big chest and masculine chests will easily pull off this tattoo. Go for something that you really like and that is meaningful to you, just to make the design more attractive and personalized.

24. Bright Blue Cover Up Tattoo

A bright blue flower tattoo like this one will symbolize your pure emotions and your honest character. If you’re deeply connected with Mother Nature and the things surrounding you – this is for you. You can dedicate this piece to someone new and important in your life, while also covering up something from the past with ease.

25. Animal Cover Up Tattoo

True animal lovers will enjoy everything about this tattoo. Show that you love animals and that you’re all about embracing wildlife and some endangered species. You can go for this tattoo and cover up any previous black outlines and black tattoo artwork.

26. Funny Cartoon Cover Up Tattoo

If you love cartoons and you’re all about funny little designs and pop art, this is for you. Show that you enjoy colors and that you’re still a child at heart with this amazing cover-up tattoo concept. Wrist or forearm tattoos shouldn’t be too pricey for you to do.

27. Example Of A Cover Up Tattoo

This tattoo shows you just how far and how good can a cover-up design can you. Men or women who have a furry pal will enjoy everything about this cool and retro concept. The final design is also a must-do by those who want to try something creative, as well as the perfect touch-up for their new design.

28. Big Colorful Back Cover Up Tattoo

Back tattoos can take quite some time to do. If you’re a fan of splashes of color and if you have a massive piece underneath that you wish to hide – give this a try. Anyone who works out is going to like this tattoo, as well as its cool outlines and mixes of colors. Just make sure that your budget is flexible when it comes to this tattoo.

29. Creative Way Of A Cover Up Tattoo

Do you have a date tattoo that you regret? Let’s be honest, a lot of people break up with their loved ones, which further pushes them into trying out new tattoos and love-inspired creations. If you and your significant other broke up and you are intrigued in exploring new options, this wrist tattoo with black outlines is going to suit you. Try it out, especially if you enjoy minimalism and mandalas.

30. Spanish Inspired Cover Up Tattoo

How about you give it a go with a bit of color? This is a traditional Mexican and Spanish-inspired tattoo that shows a fun girl who is proud of her heritage. If you have a bright and bold tattoo underneath that has to get covered immediately, why not experiment with this concept?

31. Black Owl Cover Up Tattoo

Are you a big animal lover? Do you like owls in particular? You can cover up any tattoo that you dislike with the right use of colors and outlines. Guys or girls who have a faded design will also enjoy this concept underneath. If you love birds and the nature surrounding you, this is going to look so good on you.

32. Gorgeous Back Cover Up Tattoo

Big black back cover-ups are quite hard to do, which is why you should book the best tattoo artist that you know of. Make sure that you have several hours to spare, as this design will take you a lot of time, money, and patience to do. Aim for 10+ hours when it comes to this design.

33. Forearm Black Ink Cover Up Tattoo

A cool palm tattoo like this one is so gorgeous and is covered in all the little details. It is so elegant and creative, as well as very spiritual. Guys who enjoy detailed outlines or other religions will be interested in trying out this experiment. It is going to cover up anything with ease, and it will symbolize your true character and spirit.

34. Deer Cover Up Tattoo

A deer cover-up tattoo is for guys or girls who love animals and wildlife. Are you a fan of smaller tattoos? Do you love simpler and smaller artwork? This piece is going to take you 1 hour to do, yet it will cover up any past and previous mistakes effortlessly.

35. Magic Inspired Cover Up Tattoo

Do you believe in magic and mysterious signs? Do you fancy creative artwork and grandiose tattoos? This piece is going to suit those who love wild and colorful artwork, as well as guys and girls who regret a bigger tattoo that is beneath.

36. Green Leaf Cover Up Tattoo

The color green is often associated with a bright spirit, wealth, and great health. It shows that you’re a good soul and someone who loves to explore all the options of the universe. Show that you know how to make this design work, and rock this tattoo with full confidence!

37. Scary Lion Cover Up Tattoo

A scary lion is often worn by those who enjoy animals and the jungle. Does this sound like you? If you’re a Leo in the zodiac, this piece might inspire you the most. Show just how much you love yourself and animals by getting this cool tattoo.

38. Purple Moon Cover Up Tattoo

As time goes on, your tattoos will fade. If you want to try out something new and something modern, why not switch it up? This gorgeous and colorful purple moon is inspired and done with cool floral outlines. It is used to symbolize your feminine and outgoing character. If you’re someone who likes receiving or giving flowers – this renewed option will suit you.

39. Black Heart Cover Up Tattoo

Try out this gorgeous heart tattoo and place it across your back if you enjoy realistic and detailed artwork. Those who like blunt tattoos and ideas that are empowering, as well as genuine – this is going to suit you. The final result will look amazing on both genders.

40. Blue Flower Cover Up Tattoo

Lastly, if you like the color blue and you’re a fan of gorgeous and feminine ideas, book this creation. Anything that’s previously been done underneath will magically disappear. Women who enjoy beautiful artwork and those who trust their tattoo artists should commit to this tattooing process.

And There You Have It!

Just so you know – you can’t go wrong with any of these current creations and our recommended options. In fact, some of these tattoos are going to suit both men and women, as well as those with awfully large and poorly done artwork. If you’re quite picky and not too sure where to look – trust this list.

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