Top 12 Tattoo Shops Denver: Ultimate Guide

Apart from enhancing the appearance of an individual, tattoos are also believed to represent the personality of the person carrying them. With the popularity of social media, this trend caught the eyes of even more individuals and helped tattoo shops to establish themselves and gain the trust of the masses. The culture is especially thriving among the millennial and the Gen-Z generation. 

If you are a resident of Denver or just a tourist looking for a brilliant tattoo artist to give you the first tattoo on your body, this article would be pretty helpful. The Mile High City is flooded with shops, promising to provide you with the best experience. 

This list will provide details of some of the best tattoo studios in the city that can leave an unforgettable imprint on your skin. 

Best Tattoo Shops Denver

Tattoo shops are present in every corner of Denver. You can’t travel a single mile without coming across a tattoo shop; pretty convenient, right? However, this might easily overwhelm you and confuse you about the option to consider. Read on to get over your confusion, as below are some of the best tattoo shops in Mile High City. 

Dedication Tattoo

Located at 1905 S. Broadaway, Dedication Tattoo is the highest-rated tattoo studio in Denver, with 142 five-star reviews on Yelp. With a combined experience of sixty years, the artists at Dedication know how to perform the job with utmost perfection. 

Whether you want a floral tattoo or a bold traditional one, you can depend on Dedication Tattoo for the excellent execution of the task. 

You can also consider analyzing the artists’ portfolios on the studio’s official website. Just guide your cursor to the artist section, select the one you want to view, and the website will present you with their previous work. 

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to book an appointment, but the hourly fee of each artist may vary. 

Apart from appointments, a walk-in option is also available at the shop. Official merchandise of Dedication Tattoo is also available on their online store, which includes: T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. 

Bound by Design

Located at 1332 E. Colfax Ave. in Cheesman Park, Bound By Design takes second place in the list. The piercing and tattoo shop was established in the year 1993 and is said to be the local favorite. 

In 2018, Westword named the tattoo parlor the “Best shop to get your first tattoo.” The shop has listed 12 tattoo artists and three piercers on its official website. Just like Dedication Tattoo, Bound By Design also has an online store, but its prime focus is pieces of jewelry and other similar accessories. 

The store’s philosophy is to provide the best service to its customers, but it expands to quality, passion for art, and integrity. 

The shop has proper maintenance of sanitation and offers a wide variety of tattoo styles and jewelry pieces. 

End of Days Tattoo (EOD Tattoo)

EOD, or End of Days Tattoo, is located at East Colfax Avenue in Denver. The shop started when the founders decided to restore an antique tattoo shop and infused new traditions set by a talented team of artists with a creative mindset. EOD is a perfect combination of old and new-school styles of art. This is an ideal place for both beginners as well as frequent tattoo collectors. 

With eight tattoo artists on board, the shop has a specialization in custom tattoos. The work of the artist could easily be reviewed on the official website of the tattoo studio. 

The best part is you are not required to make a prior appointment, as the studio works with walk-ins. 

It is recommended to check the shop’s website before paying a visit, as they frequently come up with breathtaking deals, host special events, and call in guest artists for variety. 

Tribe Tattoo

On 674 Santa Fe Drive, Lincoln Park, you will find a great tattoo shop called Tribe Tattoo. John Slaughter established the tattoo and piercing shop in 2001. With eleven talented artists, Tribe Tattoo offers exceptional services such as piercing, tattooing, and painting. 

Tattoos are available in every form, from lettering and custom fonts to airbrushes and illustrative paintings.   

The artists at Tribe Tattoo treat even the minimalist tattoo with the same care and attention as they would treat a more significant piece. 

Think Tank Tattoo

Think Tank Tattoo is a spear favorite tattoo shop located at 172 S. Broadway and is a substantial 3000-square-foot shop, operational since 2002. 

Walk-ins, along with complimentary consultations about inks, are available at the shop. The 12 dedicated artists at the shop specialize in different styles ranging from portrait realism and traditional American to sacred geometry and fine-line. You can easily view the artists’ work in the artist section of the shop’s website.  

The artists pay close attention to detailing, ensuring the consignment’s tidy and beautiful outcome. 

Alternative Arts Tattoo

The shop is situated in Littleton, just twenty minutes from the heart of Denver. The doors of this shop were opened for clients in the year 2003. Clients are provided with the liberty to walk in with the design of their own choice, select a design from the shop’s selection, or simply describe the body artwork they want to be crafted on their skin. You may also get piercings as per your liking. 

Overall, Alternative Arts Tattoo is not your traditional tattoo parlor. Instead, this studio aims to break the stereotypes that have been built around tattoo shops over the years. Not only do they introduce their artists to the general public, but they also educate individuals about tattoos and piercings with the FAQ section on their website. 

Certified Tattoo Studios

Certified Tattoo Studios is a place worth considering if you want to get your very first tattoo or want an addition to your collection. Established in the year 2006, this studio is located at 3216 East Colfax Ave. Denver. 

This award-winning studio has built its reputation among the masses and is considered one of the most respectable locations, always in demand. They have hired plenty of tattoo artists with expertise in multiple tattoo styles, including portraits, geometry, realism, portraits, watercolor, ornamental, and many others. 

You can easily get in touch with the studio through their website to book a consultation to discuss your desired tattoo design and the artist who will conclude the job. Their opening time is fixed at 11 AM. However, the closing time may vary according to how busy the day is. 

Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing

One of Denver’s most well-recognized tattoo studios is at 7507 E 36th Ave. Every tattoo artist employed at the studios has specialization in every type of customized tattoo. Colorado Department of Health and the City and County of Denver has issued a license to all the Endless Ink Tattoo and Piercing employees. Highly skilled and dedicated artists ensure to provide every client with high-quality tattooing at a very reasonable price. 

The artists have been adequately trained to execute styles like Cross-contamination, Bloodborne pathogens, and sterilization. Your health and safety are prime concerns of the shop. Hence, new needles and equipment are utilized for every client. 

Apart from tattoos and piercings, Endless Ink also offers its clients unique jewelry and merchandise, which can be bought from the shop’s official website. 

Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio

Located in the Denver Metro area of the city, this is the location where talented tattoo designers breed. An artist owns this studio, and the shop’s operations also lie totally on the shoulders of artists. 

The studio’s founder, Adam Rose, states that nature’s scenery, like oceans, mountains, and landscapes, has been his biggest inspiration. The artist’s portfolio, who works at the shop, could easily be viewed from the official website. Apart from portfolios, the website also features an introductory video, which helps the masses gain knowledge about the art of tattooing and the parlor. 

Whether you prefer bold and big ink or fine-line tattoo, the artists at Fallen Owl can carve any design on your skin. 

Ritual Tattoo

Located at 4241 Jason St. Denver, Ritual Tattoo is an appointment-only tattoo shop. Ritual Tattoo has to offer diverse artwork to its clients, and all their appointments get booked really fast. 

This studio is ideal for individuals searching for something different from typical tattoos. From time to time, Ritual Tattoo keeps calling in various guest artists to their shop. Therefore keep a close on their website for the latest updates. 

Even though their official website showcases their different work, it is recommended to check out their Instagram, as that is the place where you can witness their more extensive portfolio to browse through. 

Urban Element Tattoo

Urban Element Tattoo is a state-of-the-art piercing and tattoo shop located in Denver. The company is owned and managed by Jenny Alfelor and Rowell. Rowell has been working in the tattoo industry for more than ten years. 

Urban Element Tattoo provides its clients with a hygienic, professional, and friendly environment to experience and explore the world of body art. 

The studio has to offer premium quality, innovative, customized tattoos and piercing, as well as unique and original artwork. 

Whether you want temporary ink on your body or desire to get a permanent tattoo, in every case the artists emphasize their time and dedication to customers’ satisfaction and comfort. 

Urban Element Tattoo has been inspected and licensed by the State Of Colorado. 

Fortune Cookie Tattoo

Their cute name is not the only highlight of the Fortune Cookie Tattoo. Operational since 2010, the tattoo studio is situated downtown off the 16th Street mall. It is within walking distance from the Conventional Centre. The prime goal of the shop is to provide its clients with great tattoos in a friendly, comfortable, and clean environment. 

The shop promises that you won’t find the same old flash tattoos in their shop. The affordable prices of the studio allow every client to walk out with the best bodywork, even if they are on a tight budget. 

They have hundreds of clients satisfied with the tattoo’s quality and the attention they pay to the details. The friendly nature of the staff creates a comfortable environment for the first-timer. 

Final Thoughts on Choosing Tattoo Shops Denver

You might be excited to get your first tattoo, but the excitement should not result in you making a rushed decision. Take your time while selecting a tattoo shop and ensure to run them through a checklist which can include: 

  • The certifications of the studio
  • Reputation and trust among the public
  • The experience and expertise of the artists 
  • The tattoo styles the shop has to offer
  • The store’s commitment to safety, health, and hygiene
  • The rates of the services

Consider giving them a chance only if a shop meets all these norms. Remember, a tattoo will be on your skin for many years. Therefore take your time, do proper research, compare different tattoo shops present in Denver, and finalize only the one that has the potential to fulfill all your requirements.

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