Flower Tattoos – 40+ Design Ideas Symbolism and meanings

Plan on getting a flower tattoo, but you’re not too sure what to go for? The truth is that there are thousands of different kinds of flowers in terms of their size, color, looks, and primary use. Some flowers are only used for gardening purposes, while others have their decorative reasons and make up for the perfect bouquet.

If you’re wondering about some specific types and kinds of flowers and if you want to know about their meaning and spiritualism, this article is for you! Here, we’re going to list a lot of cool designs that one can enjoy and adjust based on their preference. Your chosen tattoo design can describe different moments and feelings based on the colors that you end up using. Here is what we recommend that you get.

Top 40 Tattoos Of Flowers

1. Alstroemeria Blue Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoos: Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria flowers also have a unique symbolism to them. It can vary depending on the size of a flower and its color. Often, they are viewed as a representation of honor, majesty, elegance, and purity. If you are a pure soul or if you know of a pure soul who is just like an Alstroemeria, this design might suit you. Also, back in the Victorian era, receiving an Alstroemeria with a lovely aroma meant that you were appreciated. Want to feel like a Victorian and appreciated?

2. Alstroemeria Bright Orange Flower Tattoo


The color and the shade orange are usually connected with your positive and bright attitude. It also shows your cheerful personality and your outtake on the world. If you’re someone who loves to keep his or her eyes open and excited, as well as eager to soak in everything that’s happening, this is for you. It is also fun and flirty, as well as a feminine tattoo that most women can proudly rock.

3. Calla Lily Tatttoo On Back


Many metaphorical meanings are associated with lilies. For a lot of people, this flower is used to describe your inner beauty, security, majesty, strength, hope, and faith in heaven. Easter liturgies frequently use white calla lilies, which have come to symbolize rebirth and resurrection. This is a good tattoo option for those who are religious people. Venus, another goddess, was envious of how lovely the flowers were. She then swore at them with a yellow pistil. Because of this, the yellow calla lily is frequently linked to resentment and even lust.

4. Calla Lily Tattoo Small Ankle Design


Calla Lily is such a gorgeous flower that can look good even when done in a smaller size and proportion. If you’re someone who likes leg or ankle tattoos and you want a small and seamless tattoo that not everyone can see or check out, this is perfect for you. The final design is not too pricey to do either, making it perfect for those who are on a tight budget.

5. Chrysanthemums Tattoo Flower Design


Chrysanthemums are frequently used as Buddhist altar flowers or as floral offerings in Japan. You will also often see them on Japanese passports. On the other end, Greek superstition has a significant importance and definition of this flower. Greeks believed that it was a ward against evil spirits. Overall, Chrysanthemums are a symbol of friendship, happiness, and well-being. If you are proud of yourself and how much you’ve achieved – this is for you, especially in this bright red shade!

6. Chrysanthemums Tattoo On Thighs


Chrysanthemum tattoo such as this one is going to look very feminine and feisty. Women who love their body and their curves will like this tattoo. If you have long legs and a lot of space to spare (yet you want to get it tattooed, why not go all out?) This gorgeous print will look the best on women who are in their twenties, and craving a sexy piece.

7. Daisy Tattoo Small Print


A daisy flower tattoo meaning is linked to innocence, joy, happiness, new beginnings, and purity. It is a simple & gorgeous flower that can suit both men and women. For instance, Daisy was a Victorian emblem of devotion, innocence, and the capacity to keep secrets. The color of your chosen flower will stand for different emotions. Red symbolizes love and passion, white represents purity, yellow pleasure, pink admiration, and orange joy and positivism! Adjust accordingly and based on your emotions.

8. Colorful Daisy Tattoo


Did you know that Daisy tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos that one can go for? They are all over social media, and they can be worn by both men and women as they’re a universal tattoo creation. If you want a bit of color and you’re all for nature-inspired artwork, this is going to suit you.

9. Daffodil Tattoo Black Flower Tattoo


The daffodil flower represents new life and beginnings. Did you know that it is also one of the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter? Less frequently, daffodils can also represent life, inventiveness, enthusiasm, and resilience. You can dedicate this type of design & meaning to someone who has passed away. These flowers (no matter their chosen color) will represent new beginnings and rebirth and are a springtime symbol. You can also give them a go if you are born in the springtime period (March-May).

10. Daffodil Tattoo On Shoulders


A daffodil tattoo like this one just goes to show you the way and reasons how much a color can make a change. If you love the shade yellow and if you believe that it is usually linked to positivism, hope, brightness, and success, this is for you. This little bouquet is going to look gorgeous and will show that you’re someone who enjoys staying close to people and things around you.

11. Freesia Tattoo Small Flower Tattoo


Did you know that this flower has a fun story and a unique history? The flower was given its name by botanist Christian P. Ecklon as a tribute to his friend. The flower now mostly symbolizes the friendship between two people. Red and pink freesia smell the strongest, and they are often linked to the deepest (true) emotions. If you have someone on your mind who you truly love & value, this is for you.

12. Orange Freesia Tattoo


Try out a freesia tattoo and also rock this yellow/orange color shade. You will enjoy it the most if you’re a guy trying to find something for himself that allows you to express your true character and your true colors. Men who love visible tattoos and those who want something which represents their true calm personality and light intentions – this is for you.

13. Gardenia Tattoo On Arm

Gardenia flowers represent all that has to do with spirituality and unadulterated appeal. There are a lot of colors that can stand for different emotions. For instance, white gardenias are a symbol of peace and purity. Those who are grieving can find solace in a gardenia’s lovely, aromatic flowers and meaning. With this print, you can honor the lives of loved ones since it also represents love, as well as passing by.

14. Gardenia Flower Tattoo For Women


A bright gardenia floral design is usually very feminine and pretty on its own. Also, this black outline tattoo also goes to show you that even smaller and less defined tattoos can attract looks. If you prefer leg or thigh tattoos and want to come off looking sexy and like a true little lady, give this a go!

15. Gerbera Daisies Tattoo


Gerbera flowers have had a ton of different meanings & representations throughout history. The Celts thought they eased the sorrows and strains of daily life, whilst the Egyptians thought they symbolized a closeness to nature as well as to the sun. Nowadays and for a lot of people, gerberas typically represent youth, innocence, purity, joy, and faithful love. It is a cheerful & positive optimistic flower that is all about closeness & care.

16. Gerbera Daisies Tattoo Pink Print


Your Gerber tattoo and your chosen daisy can look cute and so good when paired with a little ladybug image. Those who love Mother Nature, animals, insects, as well as the circle of life are going to appreciate this bright pink and red masterpiece. The end result is very powerful and it can show that you’re looking forward to a specific change in your life. It will also show that you’re ready to enjoy everything that is thrown your way.

17. Hyacinth Tattoo On Forearm


Hyacinth is not such a ‘happy’ flower or a tattoo that symbolizes the most positive emotions. Depending on the flower’s color, hyacinths can represent enmity, a wish for forgiveness, joy, and sincerity. In most cases, the yellow shade is associated with jealousy, while purple flowers stand for forgiveness. If you have had a rough moment or a tricky past, this tattoo will show it all in its simple way!

18. Hyacinth Tattoo Purple Flower Tattoo


Hyacinth is a unique type of flower, as well as a gorgeous and distinctive flower thanks to its bright blue and purple flowers. Women or men who like flashy colors and designs that are bright and loud, this is for you. Try out this cute shoulder placement if you’re looking for a feminine and one-of-a-kind girly tattoo! Ready to rock it?

19. Iris Tattoo On Arm


Iris is a flower that is linked to courage, hope, faith, and wisdom. The colors will determine the final result of your tattoo. For instance, blue iris blossoms convey a message of hope and faith, while purple iris stands for knowledge and compliments. This gorgeous floral design will send a message to both guys & girls + it is an artsy solution. With nearly 300 species that come in a variety of colors, you can’t go wrong with your chosen tattoo.

20. Iris Tattoo Cute Duo


A gorgeous iris tattoo such as this one is going to look amazing when placed on your shoulder or your back. If you’re someone who enjoys sensual tattoos and you want everyone to see them, why not give it a go with this concept? It is not going to hurt a lot and it is going to look amazing when combined with other flowers.

21. Jasmine Tattoo On Back


Jasmine has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac and is linked to the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite in Greek mythology. This flower is linked to the romance, beauty, or sensuality of a woman who is rocking this tattoo. Jasmine is sometimes used as a metaphor for the idea of modesty because of its small blooms. Represent your sensual & sweet side with this type of tattoo.

22. Jasmine Tattoo On Forearm


Jasmine is such a beautiful and feminine flower, which is why showing off its true beauty and elegance is a must-do! Anyone who likes scented flowers and women who love soft-looking tattoos will like this design. Place it on your hand if your job allows you to show off big and dramatic pieces.

23. Lilac Tattoo Flower Tattoo


Did you know that purple lilacs stand for spirituality? On the other end, white lilacs are symbols of purity. Overall and in general, lilacs represent youthful purity or delight. You can send out different messages with your chosen lily print. In some cases, purple flowers symbolize your first love, and almost any color you go for will represent positive emotions. How does this sound to you as a concept of a floral tattoo?

24. Lilac Tattoo Purple Design


Try out this lilac tattoo on your foot only if you dare and only if you can handle the pain. As you probably know, foot tattoos hurt quite a lot, and they’re not for everyone. Women who enjoy secretive and hidden little designs will like all there’s to this gorgeous little purple flower!

25. Lilly Tattoo Side Stomach Design


In religious ways & meanings, this flower was used to symbolize Christ’s Resurrection. If you are a religious person, this will intrigue you. The flower can also stand for purity, innocence, and rebirth. Also, did you know that husbands and wives give a lily to each other as a traditional 30th-anniversary gift? If any of these two meanings apply to you – get yourself this tattoo.

26. Lilly Tattoo Flower Tattoo With A Quote


Lilly is such a gorgeous and beautiful flower that everyone adores talking about, receiving, and showing off. It is a pure symbol of love and respect, and the tattoo itself can look so gorgeous on most women. Remind yourself that you’re living a new beginning and a new path in your life by rocking this tattoo with this specific quote.

27. Magnolia Tattoo On Shoulders


The magnolia flower is used to symbolize stability, good fortune, and luck.
The white blossoms of the magnolia are symbolic of nobility and purity in the east. However, each color of a flower also has a different meaning. You can go for a pink flower, which will also symbolize joy. Purple magnolias are used for describing luck, while green good fortune. Overall you can do any of these tattoos as they’re positive and optimistic.

28. Magnolia Flower Tattoo On Arm


A magnolia is a pretty flower that only some people can resist. If you’re a fan of gorgeous forearm tattoos, this is for you. Just show that you can rock this design and that you’re ready to do a gorgeous design that is appropriate for both men and women. Just make sure that you book an amazing tattoo artist who knows how to do detailed artwork and tattoos that are big and outgoing, as well as creative.

29. Purple Orchid Tattoo


An orchid flower can be used to show your true love, beauty & refinement. Most often, these flowers and tattoos are worn by women who wish to show off their sensitive side. Orchids are a representation of exotic, highly feminine beauty. If you are a girl we recommend that you get this design in a feisty color. Quite often, this design will symbolize elegance, fertility, love, and charm!

30. Orchid Tattoo On Back


This orchid tattoo is going to look amazing on women who want a detailed tattoo and something feminine on their backs. If you’re caring, giving, and outgoing, this is for you. Just go with bright colors to truly make this orchid pop and show it off whenever you get the chance.

31. Peony Tattoo On Arm


A peony flower symbolism stands for healing of your mind, body & soul. This was a popular symbol by both Middle Ages Christians and Ancient Greeks, all throughout history. The peony is historically offered on important occasions as a token of goodwill, best wishes, and joy. You can also connect it with deep love, honor, happiness, and romance. A full-on bouquet of flowers will symbolize all of these described emotions.

32. Peony Tattoo Black Flower Tattoo


A peony tattoo is cute and detailed, often worn by women who love to pay attention to details. This gorgeous black and white ink tattoo is going to look gorgeous on those with bigger shoulders and muscles. If you want cool black ink and you’re a fan of floral patterns, why not create your own in such a way?!

33. Red Rose Tattoo


The red rose represents beauty, bravery, romance, and love. It is the most commonly received flower, but you can mix & match its meaning depending on the color. For instance, yellow roses stand for excitement, friendship, and fresh new starts. Dictate the meaning & symbolism based on the number of flowers & shades used when creating your chosen design.

34. Rose Flower Tattoo On Stomach


Heads up before you give it a go with this stomach tattoo as it can be quite tricky to do. Stomach tattoos may hurt, which is why only those who can handle the pain should give it a go. Book the best tattoo artist you know and who you trust before you start rocking this piece.

35. Red Snapdragon Flower


In the language of flowers, snapdragons are thought to signify both deception and graciousness. They are unique & unusual, mostly due to their unique looks & petals. According to legend, concealing a snapdragon makes a person appear intriguing and friendly.
These are annual-like, short-lived perennials that rarely flower for more than one season. This is what everyone is going to love (especially if on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind print).

36. Snapdragon Flower Tattoo


Snapdragon is a unique and one-of-a-kind flower that not that many people tend to go for. Do you want to try it out? If you enjoy light pastel shades and you’re a fan of arm tattoos, this is for you. The end result is cute and detailed, a must-try by those who want to represent something bright and super optimistic.

37. Sunflower Tattoo On Arm


Sunflowers stand for love, fidelity, and endurance. These are vibrant, colorful & positive flowers, also known as ‘happy’ kinds. If you wish to appear as a positive guy or girl or someone who can brighten someone’s day – this is for you. Also, sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine and are nowadays used in media in support of peace. Which meaning do you fancy more?

38. Sunflower Tattoo Small Design


A bright yellow sunflower-like this one is going to look amazing when done in a smaller format. If you enjoy wrist tattoos and yellow color is your favorite, this is for you! It will symbolize your pure and beautiful natural side, which is what you should be all about!

39. Tulip Tattoo Red Design


Tulip flower symbolism is often associated with flawless and intense love toward an important person. As a tattoo, they can represent your closeness to your partner, kids, parents, or siblings. If you have a strong connection and you wish to exploit the world – this is how you can do it! Go for any color you like as all are bright & seen as positive floral options.

40. Small & Petite Flower Tattoo


Tulips are seen as flowers of love and gratitude. This colorful design done in smaller ink is going to attract a ton of looks and is often worn by women who enjoy elegance. The best part about this tattoo? You can finish it in 2-3 hours and you’re not going to pay a lot for it!

Time To Book Your Design!

Do you want to rock your new floral tattoo? If so, which one do you prefer the most out of the bunch? All of these designs can look modern and intriguing, just customize the tattoo based on your style. Which flower is it going to be out of the bunch? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you with something new.

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