Top 11 Tattoo Shops Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville, Florida, is a hub of art culture and vibrant personalities. One of the unique ways through which locals and visitors alike express themselves is through tattoos. Whether you are looking for a small, simple design or a full sleeve, finding the right tattoo shop can make all the difference in achieving the perfect look.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best tattoo shops in Jacksonville, Florida, highlighting their specialties, past work, and overall reputation in the tattoo industry. So, if you are ready to take a plunge and get some ink, read on to discover your next go-to tattoo shop in Jacksonville!

Best tattoo shops jacksonville fl

After trailblazing research, we have found some tattoo shops that offer incomparable services in Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s learn more about them without further ado!

Acme Tattoo


Facebook: Acme Tattoo

Instagram: @davidw00d

The Acme tattoo shop at Atlantic Beach, FL, offers traditional “street shop” tattoos. Walk-ins and customers with prior appointments are all greeted with a smile by the shop’s staff, and the same quality of services is provided to both. Earlier, only walk-in service was available at the shop, but with the growing popularity of appointment-based services, the owner also considered including this option in their services.

Acme tattoo strives to provide its clients with tattoos that go beyond and surpass their expectations. The whole process is carried out professionally while maintaining a comfy and wonderful experience for the customer.

Chris O’Brien- All Aces Tattoo and Body Piercing


Facebook: All Aces Tattoo and Body Piercing

Instagram: @allacestattoo

This tattoo studio is located in Orange Park, Florida, and takes pride in employing highly skilled staff who abide by all the safety norms. As far as the health and welfare of the clients are concerned, All Aces Tattoo and Body Piercing abides by all federal, state, and local legislation.

Every employee at this studio is an independent constructor and has adjustable agendas. The flexible programs of the artists allow them to have a life outside the studio. The studio ensures to match you with an artist who has the expertise in the body art you desire so that you get a perfect tattoo every time.

Inksmith & Rogers Tattooing – Beach Blvd


Facebook: Inksmith And Rogers Tattooing Atlantic Blvd

Instagram: @inksmithandrogers

Inksmith & Rogers Tattooing – Beach Blvd, with a great team of excellence, serves its customers with quality tattooing services in Jacksonville, FL. Eric Inksmith owns this tattoo studio and is a brilliant craftsman and shader. He looks after his customers’ needs and ensures they get a gratifying experience.

With a carnie tattooist, Paul, Eric spent several years tattooing and set a new benchmark in this art field. Once in his professional career, he was so popular that everyone wanted his first tattoo from Eric. Now, his establishment, Inksmith & Rogers Tattooing – Beach Blvd, has taken his place and is committed to satiating folks’ appetite for aesthetic tattoos.

Big City Tattoo


Facebook: Big City Tattoo

Instagram: @bigcitytattoofl

Opened its doors in 1995, Big City Tattoo provides quality body art and piercing services to the folks of Jacksonville. This tattoo studio employs artists with experienced hands and imaginative minds who comprehend and understand what clients want and work accordingly. All their former clients appreciate their artwork!

Big City Tattoo could be your final destination if you plan on getting an American traditional, realism, new school, gray wash, and portraiture tattoo. This shop also has a vast collection of pre-designed tattoos for its beloved clients to select from. So, do not fret if you are blank about tattoo styles.

East Coast Worldwide


Facebook: East Coast Worldwide Tattoo & Piercing (ECW Tattoo)

Instagram: @ecwtattoo

Founded by ordinary people like us, East Coast Worldwide is one of the best tattoo shops in Jacksonville, FL. Those individuals were fed up with the industry’s poor quality service and lousy image. They shouldered the responsibility of making a difference by offering their clients top-notch services.

Now, East Coast Worldwide takes care of the tattoo and piercing needs of the people of Jacksonville, Florida. Since 2012, their team of professionals has been providing its clients with reliable tattoo and piercing services. This studio uses a state-of-the-art sterilization method, keeping the client’s safety on top.

You can visit this shop to enjoy their quality services and meet the artists (James, Julian, Eugene, and Omar) who are creative, patient, detail-oriented, and light-handed.

Idle Hands Tattoo Studio


Facebook: Idle Hands Tattoo Co.

Instagram: @jibran1973_idle_hands

Owned by a seasoned tattooist Jeff Jibran, Idle Hands Tattoo Studio is one of the best tattoo shops in Jacksonville, offering quality tattoo services. By leveraging his 20+ years of expertise, Mr. Jibran can create a bespoke design of numerous styles, including Japanese, black, and gray imagery, Japanese traditional, eastern religious, and traditional Americana.

Jeff at Idle Hands Tattoo Studio has worked for many international tattoo studios, including Royal Tattoo in Denmark, The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum in the Netherlands, and Scratch Addition in Japan. If you want to meet Mr. Jibran in real life, you can visit him at his shop anytime and get the finest tattoo of your choice.

Dark Side Tattoo


Facebook: Dark Side Tattoo

Instagram: @darksidejax_tattoo

Backed by a team of four professional artists, Dark Side Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in Jacksonville. Its team holds substantial experience in tattooing and specializes in a number of tattoo styles, including dotwork, realism, watercolor, traditional, and many more.

Upon visiting Dark Side Tattoo, you will find aesthetically pleasing framed artwork and prints by local creatives and its team. The previous clients of this tattoo shop praise it for being clean and having a relaxed atmosphere. You can also meet the artists of this tattoo studio and receive a lovely tattoo from them in a comfy atmosphere.

Peacock’s Tattoo


Facebook: Peacock’s Tattoo

Instagram: @peacockstattoo

Having been in tattooing since 1990, Peacock’s Tattoo offers excellent tattooing services to the masses. It has employed a team of award-winning and highly-skilled artists with expertise in bringing marvelous ideas to real life in traditional, portrait, new school, and many other tattoo styles.

Peacock’s Tattoo Studio has also mastered the art of body piercing and offers a wide variety of jewelry and products for aftercare. The tattoo shop team keeps its clients’ safety in mind while working, uses the latest sterilization methods, and uses instruments with tamper-proof packaging. You can also get in touch with their team of professionals for Henna work.

Fat Kat Tattoo & Piercing


Facebook: Fat Kat Tattoo & Piercing

Instagram: jaxfatkattattoo

Commenced over 20 years ago, Fat Kat Tattoo & Piercing is one of the best tattoo shops in Jacksonville, Florida. This tattoo shop boasts talented artists who can perform safe and professional tattooing. Anyone at first glance can tell that they are very skillful and can apply various tattoo styles, including zombies, Asian influence, script lettering, and caricature styles.

The position Fat Kat Tattoo & Piercing holds today is a result of its commitment to safe and sound practice in an inviting environment. In addition, their prizewinning team is a major driving force behind their great success. Should you have any queries or doubts? Connect with them and clear!

Livewire Tattoo Studio


Facebook: NA

Instagram: @livewiretattoostudio

Located at Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, Livewire Tattoo Studio is one of the best tattoo shops; without it, this list of shops is incomplete. Jason Harms, veteran and Jacksonville native, owns and operate this shop and ensures you get the best bang for your buck. If you are in this city, you must visit Livewire Tattoo Studio, check out the high-grade flash art selections, and get some great ideas for your next tattoo.

At Livewire Tattoo Studio, you will see professionalism at its peak and you will be amazed by its cleanliness and precision. Its team of professional tattoo artists executes the whole tattoo-making process with exactitude while adhering to the highest industry standards and prioritizing your comforts. By availing of their services, you can determine the difference between them and other shops yourself.

Black Hive Tattoo


Facebook: Black Hive Tattoo

Instagram: @blackhivetattoo

The premier custom tattoo service provider in Jacksonville, Black Hive Tattoo, is one of the best tattoo shops for the most discerning tattoo clients. It was opened in 2008 to bring clients’ visions into real life. This shop has a group of tattoo artists who believe in safe practice. All the tattoo artists at Black Hive Tattoo are dedicated and passionate about their work.

Leveraging their passion, this shop has gained the most nationwide recognition. They purely work for the satisfaction of their clients. You can select the best from the group and receive a tattoo matching your personality. The artisans of Black Hive Tattoo charge by the hour, and the hourly rate varies depending on the artist you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to determine if a tattoo shop is good?

A. A professional tattoo shop has a relaxed and professional environment, an expert team of professionals, and emphasizes cleanliness. If you find a shop with these traits, it will likely be good.

Q. What should you never do at a tattoo shop?

A. Before you hit the tattoo shop, ensure you get a shower, and while on the tattoo bed, do not micromanage the process, compare the artist’s work to others, and most importantly, do not bring a bunch of friends.

Q. Can you bring your ink to a tattoo shop?

A. Bringing your ink to a tattoo shop would be a bad idea. Instead, you can ask the artist which ink they will use and suggest any if you are doubtful about their ink. However, the best tattoo shops always use high-quality inks for their clients.

Q. What should you never say at a tattoo shop?

A. You should never say, “I am 17, but my parents approve,” “hurry up, please,” “Can I pay you after some time or next week,” and “I don’t need ointment as I already have vaseline at home.”

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