Top 16 Tattoo Shops in Kansas City Missouri

Are you passing through Missouri, or do you live there? Looking for a skilled tattoo artist? If you find yourself in Kansas make sure that you consider their tattoo artists and tattoo shops, as they do have some of the best experts! With a lot of individuals to choose from, it can get quite overwhelming to find ”the one” you love. This is why we’ve created this list and a helpful little guide that is going to help you find the best shop. Find out who can give you the tattoo of your dreams, a piercing, or even permanent makeup while you’re there! Here are our favorites.

Best Tattoo Shops in Kansas City Missouri

1. Ink Parlor


Location: 8135 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114, United States

Tattoo Shops in Kansas City Missouri: Ink Parlor

If you find yourself at the heart of Kansas City you can explore Main St and check out The Ink Parlor. It is a gorgeous tattoo shop that is also seen as a premier spot that offers high-quality and gorgeous artwork. You’re going to love the fact that you can walk 7 days a week. Their tattoo artists can draw up designs in a wide range of styles, and they are best at doing traditional American artwork. They are also good with black ink and shaded artwork.

2. Working Class Tattoo

Instagram: @wct_kcmo

Location: 903 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

Tattoo Shops in Kansas City Missouri: Working Class Tattoo

You can hop into this tattoo shop every day from Monday to Sunday as they work every day from 12-8 PM. This allows you to book your appointment with ease or even do a walk-in when convenient for you. You can browse through a ton of great and talented artists and just know that you’re in safe hands. All of their employees are trained and talented + you can even book a piercing if you want to. Both guys and girls will feel welcome at this place.

3. Stormy Tattoo

Instagram: @stormyjackson

Location: 4243 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

Tattoo Shops in Kansas City Missouri: Stormy Tattoo

You should check out Stormy Tattoo Shop in Kansas if you’re looking for a high-quality and gorgeous Japanese-inspired traditional tattoo design. Their team is also very good at doing cover-up tattoos and hiding your old-school tattoo artwork that you’re not satisfied with. Enjoy a variety of blending styles to choose from and just know that you’re in safe hands. This tattoo shop has been around since 2001 and can guarantee quality. If you want a big and outstanding piece – give them a call.

4. Catalyst Arts Collective

Instagram: @catalystartscollective

Location:  Film row professional building, 215 W 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

Tattoo Shops in Kansas City Missouri: Catalyst Arts Collective

Check out Catalyst Arts every day from 11-8 aside from Sunday and Monday. You can enjoy their service and the fact that they offer high-quality, along with walk-in appointments. Once you walk in there you’re going to get greeted and taken care of. Every room in there is clean and quiet and all of their tattoo artists know how to do a wide range of styles, which means that you will be in safe hands. Give it a go with black detailed artwork as they know how to make shaded tattoos stand out.

5. Steel Panther Tattoo

Instagram: @steelpanthertattoo

Location: 4 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

Tattoo Shops in Kansas City Missouri: Steel Panther Tattoo

Steel Panther sounds like such a fierce and cool name, right? This was formerly known as 39th Street Tattoo studio. Anyone who wants a high-quality and unique (original) tattoo is going to like them and their style. Browse through their gallery until you find the perfect piece for yourself. You can ask for Aubrey who is the shop’s owner and has years of experience creating tattoos in a variety of styles. You’re mostly going to enjoy their landscape and Japanese creations.

6. Hand and Dagger Tattoo

Instagram: @handanddaggertattoo

Location: 3111 Wyandotte St STE 207, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

Check out Hand & Dagger if you’re looking for a cool and private studio in downtown KC. People who are super picky and those who demand quality will enjoy their style and approach. Once you get there you should book a traditional American or bright and colorful Japanese tattoo as these are their specialty. Their team also knows how to do neon artwork! You can also just walk in without your appointment and enjoy a tattoo right on the spot. Anyone will enjoy their style & approach.

7. Jessie Hopeless

Instagram: @jessiehopelesstattoos

Location: 110 Southwest Blvd Ste B, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

Jessie Hopeless is a professional tattoo artist who is very popular in Kansas. If you want a trustworthy tattoo artist who has made her name famous by now – this is the right pick for you. She has been working for 20 years now, and you can’t go wrong with her when it comes to complex tattoo artwork. She is mostly known for his way of doing realism and black and gray as well as abstract artwork. Her past works can be viewed on her Instagram account + she was nominated for the best artist in 2020. Who wouldn’t want to book her?

8. Fountain City Tattoo

Instagram: @fountaincitytattoo

Location: 724 E 19th St, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

You can visit Fountain City tattoo five days a week and book an appointment from 12-8. They are closed on Sunday and Monday, yet you can come in and enjoy walk-in appointments with them.
The entire team is skilled and they are from across the country, with new artists coming in quite often. You can book anything that you fancy and just know that you’re in safe hands. They are equally as good with all kinds of tattoos, so you can’t go wrong with your chosen idea.

9. Illustrated Man Tattoo Studio

Instagram: @illustratedmantattoos

Location: 7504 N Oak Trafficway Ste A, Kansas City, MO 64118, United States

Have you ever heard of the Illustrated Man before? If not, now is the right time to give them a go. The owner is a well-known tattoo artist called Jack Cox who has been in this industry since 1972. If you want someone with decades of years and experience – this is the right go-to. His employees and co-workers know how to do all kinds of tattoos, with their specialty in traditional American and black and grey realism. You can also book a permanent makeup service with them.

10. Goodfellas Tattoo & Gallery

Instagram: @goodfellastattoogallery

Location: 514 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

Hop into Goodfellas five days a week from 11-8 PM. You can’t come in on Sundays or Mondays as these are their days off. The back story of this tattoo brand? Goodfellas Tattoo Gallery started off as a dream of two friends and has been successfully executed in 2017. These two good friends fell in love with the Tower East Neighborhood, and they thought of it as the perfect building for their business. Nowadays, this is a luxurious tattoo shop that has a lot to offer, including a wide range of unique styles.

11. Headless Hands Custom Tattoos

Instagram: @headlesshandscustomtattoos

Location: 6909 Johnson Dr, Mission, KS 66202, United States

Headless Hands is a tattoo shop that opened in 2011 and is a popular location among locals and tourists. Why is that so? Because each of their artists is highly trained in a diverse array of styles, meaning you can’t go wrong with your chosen and preferred tattoo. You can also book a piercing with them and enjoy a multi-practical service. All of their staff uses sterilized materials in a high-temperature and clean environment. You might enjoy their neo-traditional and watercolor artwork the most, so consider these tattoos before you come to the salon.

12. Windhorse Tattoo

Instagram: @windhorsetattoo

Location: 901 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64109, United States

Why not check out Windhorse Tattoo Shop if you find yourself in Kansas City Missouri? They are a skilled team with several tattoo experts that you can go for. In fact, there are five workers that have been trained to do loads of different and unique styles, always mastering new trends that come out to the market. All of them have 3 decades of experience handcrafting custom tattoos for all clients. You can book them online on their site or individually.

13. Exile Tattoo

Instagram: @exile_tattoo

Location: 1621 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

Check out the Exile Tattoo shop at one of their two locations, such as Whispering Danny’s Exile Tattoo and Exile Tattoo 2. Owned by professional tattoo artist Danny Kobzantsev, you will love his magic, as well as the approach of all of his workers. The team consists of eight workers, all of which are the best at doing Japanese tattoo artwork. Although on the pricier side, they are worth checking out if you want a big and colorful tattoo.

14. Done-Rite Tattoos

Instagram: @doneritetattoos

Location: 417 E 18th St 3rd floor, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

Rite Tattoos is one of those shops that prefer to stay low-key and private, while most of their customers spread the word about the shop through a word of mouth. This salon works 6 days a week (their Sundays are off), and you can choose among 4 different tattoo artists who work there. Come by anytime you want from 11-8 PM and let them surprise you with their artwork and style.

15. Dragonfly Tattoo Studio

Instagram: @dragonflytattoostudio

Location: 7111 Leavenworth Rd, Kansas City, KS 66109, United States

Dragonfly Tattoo Studio isn’t your typical tattoo studio. Why and how is that so? Because the ambiance is modern and offers unique tattoos that can be fully customized to your preference. You will enjoy their experience and effectiveness. Operated by Troy Butner since 1997, this is a unique tattoo shop that fulfills your wishes thanks to its wide range of options. For best results? Book a full sleeve and enjoy their attention to detail!

16. Sink or Swim Tattoo

Instagram: @tom__sos

Location: 1815 W 45th St, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

Head out to Sink or Swim and book your appointment from 12-7 five days a week. They don’t work on Sundays or Mondays, so heads up before you visit them. What you’re going to enjoy is the fact that they accept credit cards and can work on any type of artwork. Located in the heart of downtown Kansas City Missouri near the Sprint Center, this tattoo shop has been working since 2012 and has five talented artists that specialize in Japanese artwork.

17. Enova Ink

Instagram: @julio179

Location: 2429 Burlington St, Kansas City, MO 64116, United States

Check out Enova Ink and book your appointment from 12-8 every day aside from Sunday & Monday which are their days off. You can enjoy highly skilled tattoo artists since all of them are trained to give you the tattoo of your dreams. You can go for a wide range of styles and book your appointment online, on phone, or via email. Choose from three different tattoo artists and start rocking your new tattoo asap!

18. A1 Tattoo Co

Instagram: @a1bodyart

Location: 6712 N Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO 64118, United States

Check out A1 tattoo shop any day you want since they work from 11-8 PM, with no days off. It is located in Gladstone, MO, and it has been around for 30 years! They are very good and skilled when it comes to doing professional & big body art tattoos, with a lot of versatile ideas. You can go for any sizes and colors you want, but just know that big back or sleeve tattoos are their expertise. Walk-in appointments are accepted and anyone can get a tattoo that they love.

19. 816 Tattoo

Instagram: @816tattoo

Location: 1509 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States

816 Tattoo Shop has a cool name, and it is one of those tattoo shops that prefer staying ‘on the low’. They are not that big on social media, yet they can create true art! You can check them out only four times a week (they don’t work on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday), yet you can book an appointment any other day from 12-8 PM. Go for one out of three different tattoo artists you like, and book the one who can do your preferred style & format. You can also go get a piercing while you’re there.

20. Waldo’s Darkside Tattoo

Instagram: @waldosdarkside

Location: 7835 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114, United States

Lastly, check out Waldo’s Darkside and come in any day you want from 1-9 PM (aside from Sunday, which is their day off). This is a cozy, comfy, modern & cool-looking store that can leave you satisfied, no matter how tricky the tattoo may be. Their team consists of 7 high-quality and trained tattoo artists who can do any type of artwork. Aside from that, you can also book a piercing and permanent makeup while you’re there. Anyone who values practicality and wants different services in one place should give them a call!

Try Out Something New When In Kansas!

So, do you want to book yourself a tattoo somewhere in Kansas? If so, which tattoo shop do you fancy the most, and which one tattoo artist do you value a lot? The truth is that you have to go for someone who is skilled enough to execute your vision the right way. Go for a tattoo artist who knows your style, but also go for someone who is within your budget preference. Let us know who’s it gonna be out of these 20 talented artists!

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