Top 20 Tattoo Shops Las Vegas: Complete Guide

Are you looking for the best tattoo shop in Las Vegas? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to list a ton of helpful information that will help you narrow down your best tattoo shops las vegas, along with your next best tattoo. The truth is that some tattoo artists are masters of doing some type of artwork and others are better at doing different kinds of tattoos.

What’s the difference? Think of portraits, 3-d tattoos, black & white ideas, etc. If you’re quite picky or just not too sure where to look for your tattoo artist, this article is for you! Here, we’re going to help you find the nearest one to your location, or simply the best one according to your needs and your budget. Keep on reading and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Top 20 Best Tattoo Shops Las Vegas

1. Revolt Tattoo

Instagram: @revolttattoos

Address: 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd. STE 2680

Tattoo Shops Las Vegas: Revolt Tattoo

This tattoo shop has been around since 2014 and is one of the most reputable shops in the Vegas city area. They have several locations for you to visit, allowing every customer to find a tattoo shop that is nearby him or her. One of the reasons why you may want to check them out is due to the fact that they’ve won the award for the best Las Vegas shop three years in a row. You can choose among 15 different tattoo artists, and enjoy their specialty: watercolor artwork!

2. Club Tattoo

Instagram: @clubtattoolasvegas

Address: 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Did you know that this tattoo shop is co-owned by the late lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington?! Thanks to its popularity and fame, many celebrities booked its services. In fact, Jonah Hill and Steve Aoki are their regulars. You can also book a piercing at this tattoo shop and have a multi-purpose journey. Heads up as their prices might be high up there, all due to their team of experts who have been in the business for years, along with high-end clientele. However, the final product is truly worth it.

3. Hart & Huntington Tattoo

Instagram: @hhtattooco

Address: 3500 S Las Vegas Blvd E21, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

This tattoo shop has been around since 2004, and they are quite famous and popular all over social media. They have the best photorealism tattoos, allowing you to enjoy a portrait of your loved one of the highest quality. You can choose among six different tattoo artists and book your appointment from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, seven days a week. Enjoy pioneering at its finest and modern artwork, along with a pleasant staff & ambiance.

4. Ink The Flesh

Instagram: @inktheflesh_

Address: 5410 Cameron St #102, Las Vegas

If you find yourself somewhere near the Strip make sure that you check out Ink Flesh Tattoo Studio. It is owned by Francisco who has been in the game for 10+ years now! What type of tattoos to go for, and which type of artwork to expect? If you have a Spanish background you’re going to love him because he is fluent in Spanish and Spanish-artwork. You should also check out black and white/grey tattoos, as this is what he and his workers specialize in.

5. Skin Design Tattoo

Instagram: @skindesigntattoos

Address: 3963 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States

Check out this tattoo shop every day from 12-9 and book an appointment whenever convenient for you. The team is mostly known and praised for their bodywork and big tattoo cover-ups. In fact, they are so good that their designs have been featured in magazines all over the world. You can check out two of their locations and choose among a plethora of tattoo artists. Some of them specialize in different types of artwork: ranging from Japanese, Polynesian, and portraits – you name it!

6. Basilica Tattoo Shop

Instagram: @basilicatattoo

Address: 3170 Sunset Rd SUITE G, Las Vegas

Do you want a tattoo shop that offers walk-in services? If so, look no further! Basilica is a luxurious and modern tattoo shop that will leave you feeling like you’re exactly where you need to be! Enjoy the magic of Vic Vivid and Hiram Casas who are well-known, experienced, and qualified in doing any type of artwork that you like. If you want to play it safe, we recommend going for black & white ink, as this is their specialty. The tattoo shop is big & welcoming, and everyone is a true professional at what they do.

7. Black Spade Tattoo

Instagram: @blackspadetattoo

Address: 707 East E Fremont St, Las Vegas

If you find yourself in downtown Las Vegas, check out the Black Spade tattoo shop! Not only that they’re amazing at tattoos, but they also offer permanent makeup. Those who demand variety will find it here. The mystical vibe of the tattoo shop is very appealing & luxurious for most clients. You can also enjoy the artwork of King Ruck, the same guy who appeared in season four of Ink Master! He is the master of different arts & crafts, while other tattoo artists specialize in portraits and watercolors. In the end, everyone will find something for themselves.

8. Ship And Anchor Tattoo

Instagram: @shipandanchortattoo702

Address: 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd D7, Las Vegas, NV 89104

If you find yourself near the Vegas Strip, check out this tattoo shop! Not only it provides great tattoos, but it also does piercings, allowing you to have a unique blend of activities and experiences. There are four different tattoo artists working on-site, and most of them have got their own signature moves. You can go for the Hawaiian, Polynesian, or black & grey traditional tattoos (if you want to see the craft). Enjoy their gallery & displayed artwork while you’re in there.

9. Clowny Tattoo

Instagram: @clownytattoos

Address: 4090 W Craig Rd Suite 105, Las Vegas, NV 89032

Don’t let the name deceive you, as there’s nothing funny or clowny about this place. In fact, they are a high-quality tattoo shop that often hires and looks for fresh new blood. You can get in touch with their team through their site, Instagram & phone number. Most tattoo artists know how to pull off your preferred designs, while they specialize in big detailed prints. If you want a tattoo that says a lot without being too dramatic or over the top – they will know how to fulfill your wishes.

10. Koolsville Tattoo Shop

Instagram: @koolsvilleofficial

Address: 1501 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Check out Koolsville if you want a high-quality tattoo design. Most of their artwork has been inspired by Polynesian culture. Located along The Strip, you can’t miss it thanks to its bright & vibrant pink walls. This tattoo shop has been around since 1985 and is a popular spot in Las Vegas, with 4 different locations operating. The best part? Prices start at $10, making it perfect for everyone’s budget. Go for any design you like and know that you’re in the safe hands of true professionals.

11. Dotty Ginger

Instagram: @dotty_ginger

Address: 3533 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Do you want to check out a tattoo artist or a tattoo shop that is popular on social media? If so, look no more, as they are pioneers when it comes to their artwork. You should book an appointment over the phone, as their DM’s can get a bit filled up due to their prestige and top-notch service. Why you should go with Dotty Ginger? They do some of the best & biggest pieces, along with body cover-up tattoos. If you have a piece that you regret – they will easily remove it for you.

12. Rockstar Tattoo

Instagram: @rockstartattoo_lasvegas

Address: 450 E Fremont St Suite#109, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Do you want to book a team of experts that can truly provide you with a high-quality experience? If so, this team has over 30+ years of experience and is all about perfecting your tattoo. You can check them out Downtown or on The Strip, depending on what is more convenient for you. Once you’re there we highly recommend that you ask for an American traditional tattoo. You can also go for something colorful, or Japanese-inspired artwork. Check them out if you want high-quality without breaking the bank.

13. Diversity Tattoo

Instagram: @diversitytattoolv

Address: 2310 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Come to Diversity if you want to enjoy hard-working and award-winning tattoo specialists! Their team is always evolving, and you can run into a lot of trained experts once you get to the tattoo shop, knowing well that all of them are trustworthy. You are going to enjoy the environment as it is safe and clean, as well as the fact that they have piercings at your disposal! If you want to get two services at one location – give them a try. They are masters of any type of artwork.

14. Sessions Tattoo Club

Instagram: @sessionstattooclub

Address: 3650 S Decatur Blvd Ste 5, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Check out Sessions Tattoo shop if you want to enjoy a premium & high-quality service. This shop is owned by Jesse Zarate, who is a specialist when it comes to black and grey tattoo artwork. With several years in this business and experience like no one, you are guaranteed a nice monochrome tattoo. If that is not your go-to, you can also check out the artwork from his colleagues who know how to do graffiti tattoos and letter tattoos. There is also a piercing aisle for you to explore.

15. Inner Visions Tattoo

Instagram: @innervisionstattoo

Address: 7885 W Sahara Ave #107, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Did you know that this is one of the best & highly-rated tattoo parlors in Las Vegas?! You can see that on Google & socials. In fact, they have a massive following on social media, and they are well-known for their approach when it comes to unique artwork.

The team is truly welcoming and everyone will help you pick out your favorite design. They know how to do a variety of tattoos and options, allowing everyone to experience a high-quality outcome. All of your dreams will come true. See for yourself by booking an appointment.

16. Illuminati Tattoo

Instagram: @illuminatitat2

Address: 3247 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Illuminati tattoo shop is only 10 minutes away from the Strip, making it a convenient location for most people. This is a family-owned and operated tattoo shop that also provides piercings. So, why not get a piercing, but also cover up any previous artwork, as they are masters in doing big body cover-ups? You’re also going to love their service and a discount of 10% for all students or military people. If you fall under these two categories, why not pay them a visit?

17. Downtown Tattoo

Instagram: @downtowntattoolasvegas

Address: 1106 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

You can find a Downtown tattoo shop on Fremont street. Make sure that you walk in if you are a big fan of black and grey tattoos with a lot of details and outline artwork. This tattoo shop is very chill & relaxed + they also offer walk-ins. You can come most days by 8-10 PM and see (feel) what their service is all about. If you are quite picky yet you want to book someone with years of experience, this is the way to do it!

18. Last Chance Studio

Instagram: @lastchancetattoo

Address: 4265 S Arville St, Las Vegas, NV 89103

If you are quite picky or not too sure what to go for – why not let the wheel decide it for you? Last Chance is a tattoo shop that offers you a tattooing experience that is like no other! Those who don’t know what to go for are going to enjoy their wheel of fortune. In most cases, you will enjoy their traditional tattoos, along with a photo color realism approach. Bradley Pauley founded this tattoo shop in 2014 + it has some of the best pricing options (you can get a tattoo for less than $120!)

19. Pair A Dice

Instagram: @pairadicetattoolv

Address: 304 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104

This is another tattoo shop that you can check out if you find yourself near The Strip. It is an old-school and authentic type of tattoo shop, which has been operating since 1996. It is known for its variety of both tattoos and piercings. The place is safe, clean & open to suggestions & ideas of any type! They are masters of their craft, meaning that they can do any tattoo that you ask them to!

20. Revolution Tattoo Parlor

Instagram: @revolutiontattooparlor

Address: 7365 W Sahara Ave #H, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Lastly, why not check out the Revolution Tattoo Parlor shop? They work from 12-8 every day and they know how to do gorgeous artwork, offering you variety at all times. They are the best at doing grey-black ink artwork, as well as precise tattoos. just five miles away along W Saraha Avenue. The staff is welcoming and walk-ins are welcome, allowing you fun and quick and easy tattoos. Pick a design you love and just know that it can become a masterpiece with the help of their tattoo artists.

Try Something New!

So; what’s it gonna be? Who are you going to book? Are you looking for someone who has been in the business for years, or are you okay with newbies? Let us know who you end up picking for your next tattoo, we can’t wait to see what you end up doing, as well as where you end up placing it. We look forward to seeing your new artwork.

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