Top 21 Tattoo Shops Orlando: Creative Tattoo Artists

The trend of getting a tattoo, from intricate designs to colorful artwork, has evolved among all age groups in recent years. The artwork carved into the skin reflects the uniqueness of culture, identity, and beyond. 

If you are looking to get your first artwork inked, there are tons of the industry’s finest tattoo shops in Orlando. However, picking the right tattoo shop with the right tattooist attitude, creativity, and unique methods really creates a huge difference. It is advised to go for a tattoo shop that is licensed and well-maintained to offer the services. 

We’ve profiled a list of the best tattoo shops Orlando has to offer to help to narrow your search. Scroll down and discover the best tattoo shop to get your desired tattoo inked.

Let’s get started and explore the Tattoo Shops in Orlando one by one!

Best Tattoo Shops in Orlando

Take a look at the tattoo shops that offer unparalleled tattoo-making services in Orlando.

Stigma Tattoo Bar 




Established in 2010, Stigma Tattoo Bar is quickly gaining attention in Orlando. The tattoo bar is a new concept launched by the founders, which features a liquor bar and pole dance studio to provide users a unique experience. 

The family-owned and operated tattoo shop has five tattooists from different backgrounds that work on different tattoo designs and styles with their creative abilities.  

From traditional to high-realism tattoo exquisite designs, the Stigma Tattoo Bar tattooists master all designs and styles. Moreover, the tattoo shop maintains all the standards of hygiene and cross-contamination and gives an outstanding experience to tattoo lovers. 

Game Face Tattoo Shop




Game Face Tattoo Shop is among Orlando’s most famous tattoo shops that serve customers with quality award-winning tattoos. 

The talented tattooists at Game Face Tattoo Shop offer an incredible array of fantastic artwork, from illustrative realism, abstract, watercolor, and pop culture, to anime, customized to customers’ needs. 

Moreover, the tattoo shop envisions bringing a smile to its customer’s faces with excellent customer service. Game Face Tattoo Shop serves local and international customers as well.

Beyond Ink Tattoos




Located in Winter Park, Beyond Ink Tattoo provides tattoo-making services beyond your expectations.

The Tattoo shop has experts trained to create tattoos of any size and style in black-gray or colored ones at the best prices. Beyond Ink Tattoo shop provide unique design tattoos with significant customizations.  

All the tattoo artworks at Beyond Ink Tattoos are secure and conducted in a 100% sterile environment. Beyond tattoos, the tattoo shop creates permanent makeup on existing tattoos.

Fine Ink Studios 




Fine Ink Studios, established in 2009, provides high-quality tattoo artwork and body piercing services in Orlando.

The tattoo shop offers tattoo designs and styles ranging from realism and portraits to others. Moreover, tattooists offer customized designs from old school to a new school and more.

Fine Ink Studios artists have a unique style to their art and a firm commitment to give different tattooing experiences to the customers. Moreover, the tattoo shop offers every customer a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Miss Heidi’s Tattoo




Miss Heidi’s Tattoo is Orlando’s finest tattoo shop with over 30+ years of experience in tattooing.

The team of artists at Miss Heidi’s Tattoo creates award-winning tattoos in different styles and designs, including black and grey photo realism, traditional and neo-traditional coverups, and many more. 

You will always be satisfied with Miss Heidi’s Tattoo shop’s customer service and fantastic artwork. The tattooists listen to every customer’s needs and deliver them the results that they expect.

Scratch the Surface Tattoo

Scratch the Surface Tattoo shop serves customers in Orlando with excellent tattoo-making services. 

The tattoo shop provides extensive designs for animals, floral, oriental, portrait, hearts, and tribal. The tattooists at Scratch the Surface Tattoo also offer custom works, tattoo restoration, and coverup services.

The tattoo shop guarantees non-toxic ink and 100% sterilization on all equipment and materials. 

Atomic Tattoo




Atomic Tattoo, set up in 2001, is a locally owned tattoo shop delivering custom design tattoos specific to the customer’s needs and demands. The tattoo shop is dedicated to providing professional services that exceed industry safety, quality, and price standards. 

Experienced tattooists at Atomic Tattoo create custom designs in various styles, from tribal tattoos to dragon designs. The professional and highly skilled artists make your tattooing experience a memorable one. 

The atomic studio is a one-stop hub for all tattoo needs and has an authentic family culture and a safe and supportive environment.

Ascension Tattoo Shop




Established in 2007, Ascension Tattoo Shop deals with all tattoo designs and customization artwork. 

The award-winning artists take pride in delivering tattoos and customizations in a distinctive style, including Black & Gray Realism, Fine-line, Neo Traditional, Dark Abstract, Wild & Wacky, Illustrative Realism, Nu-Eastern, and Techno-organic.

The professional artists at Ascension Tattoo Shop take every tattoo as a unique opportunity and strive to deliver exceptional tattoos with their amicable knowledge and creative energy.

Realm Tattoos




Realm Tattoos is an award-winning tattoo shop in Orlando are specialized in transforming conceptual ideas into reality with exceptional tattoo-making services.

The creative tattoo artists at Realm Tattoos produce artwork in various themes and styles, including minimalist, 3D, portraits, and cartoons. 

The artists listen to every client and customize their abilities to achieve the desired results. Moreover, the artists ensure that every job is accomplished at the best prices.

Good Vibrations Ink




Good Vibrations Ink is the most popular and leading tattoo shop in Orlando, providing custom tattoos, freehand tattoos, and tattoo cover-ups in classic, traditional, modern, or contemporary styles.

The certified artists, with outstanding professionalism, ensure that every customer is delivered a masterpiece at Good Vibrations Ink tattoo shop. Besides tattoo-making services, the tattoo shop offers piercing services also.

Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Orlando

Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. Orlando is located in Universal CityWalk since 2007. 

The tattoo shop delivers perfectly styled tattoos in Black-and-Grey Realism, Neo-Traditional, Americana & Japanese styles, Illustrative/Ornamental, and mandala designs. 

The Hart & Huntington Tattoo shop produces every tattoo with great care and attention to detail. Moreover, the tattoo shop leverages expert services with customized and artistically rendered statement artwork.

Thirty-Six Black Art Collective

Established in 2017, the Thirty-Six Black Art Collective tattoo shop has thebest tattoo artists in Orlando, well-known for blackwork and intricate tattoos. 

The Tattoo shop is specialized in offering tattoo styles such as Traditional American, Japanese, Black and grey, Realism, and Black work. 

The tattooist molds the tattoo to the body contours and brings nightmarish creativity to life by incorporating a dark and ominous element. Moreover, the tattoo shop offers beautifully intricate tattoos for clients.

Orlando Tattoo Shop

Orlando Tattoo Shop has been an industry leader for over 20 years. Currently, the tattoo shop has around ten in-house tattooists who proficiently deliver what clients generally look for.

Orlando Tattoo Shop is specialized in all types of customized, black, grey, realistic, full color, and realistic style tattoo making. The body shop uses vegan and animal-friendly inks and products. 

The tattooist at Orlando Tattoo Shop closely looks at the customer’s needs and delivers professional and friendly services in a safe environment.

Rise Above Tattoo Shop

Rise Above Tattoo is a premier shop in Orlando that takes every tattoo as a unique opportunity to convert ideas into the nicest tattoo possible.

The tattoo shop has five in-house tattooists who strive to proffer intricate and micro-designed tattoos. Moreover, the tattoo shop hosts regular guest artists for unparalleled services.

Rise Above Tattoo Shop makes tattoos in a 100% sterile and secure environment. The tattoo shop gives the most enjoyable experience possible to the clients.

Built 4 Speed Tattoos Shop

The Built 4 Speed Tattoos Shop, established in 2001, is known for producing high-quality tattoos of every style and design.

The Tattoo shop has 11 in-house tattooists that create high-end tattoos in Classic Americana, New school, Japanese, Black and grey tattoo, Portraiture, Realism, and more styles.

The tattoo shop provides customers with the finest experience possible in a clean atmosphere with maximum customer satisfaction. 

Black Ink Orlando Tattoo Shop

Black Ink Orlando Tattoo Shop is a family-owned and operated tattoo shop in Orlando. The Tattoo shop provides additional services, including body piercing, custom art, and cover-ups.

The Black Ink Orlando artists develop masterpieces in different styles, including Black and grey tattoo, Realism, Portraiture, and more.

The tattoo shop is committed to going above and beyond industry norms by using 100% sterilization techniques to proffer secure services to customers.

Orlando Tattoo Sandlake

Orlando Tattoo Sandlake features Orlando’s most skilled tattoo artists. The tattoo shop envisions providing high-quality tattoo and piercing services at the most affordable prices.

The artists at Orlando Tattoo Sandlake are licensed and adhere to the strictest hygiene standards. The tattoo shop is determined to provide a friendly atmosphere to the customers so that they can sit comfortably and get the customer guaranteed services.

The Divine Canvas Tattoos Shop

The Divine Canvas Tattoos is a one-stop shop for all tattoo lovers who want to experiment with something new. The certified tattoo artists at Divine Canvas Tattoos adhere to the highest standard of hygiene and cross-contamination.

From most traditional to hyperrealism, Divine Canvas Tattoos artists, with their accomplished backgrounds, offer tattoos in different styles and designs.

Divine Canvas Tattoos shop is for you if you have a true passion for getting animal and gamer tattoos inked. The tattooists strive to deliver high-quality and award-winning tattoos for customers with maximum satisfaction.

The East Tattoo Shop

The East, founded by Earl Funk and Steve Roberts, is a customer-focused tattoo shop that strives to deliver exceptional artwork in various styles and designs. 

The artist styles tattoos in neo-traditional, American, Japanese, fine line, and black work. Moreover, the location of the tattoo shop lets the clients and artists enjoy a picturesque view of Orlando.

I-Drive Tattoo

I-Drive Tattoo houses the most talented and experienced tattoo artists in Orlando. The tattoo shop provides custom tattoo-making and piercing services. 

Inspired by a rich tradition of tattooing, the artists at I-Drive Tattoo shop incorporate modern techniques to provide a unique experience to the customers.

Moreover, artists work closely with the customers to ensure they are comfortable with the services. 

Double Edge Tattoo Parlor

Double Edge Tattoo Parlour focuses on making quality-driven tattoos that are unique and customized to the customer’s needs.

The Double Edge Tattoo Parlour is a safe, inclusive, and friendly place providing the highest quality service and most beautiful tattoos.

The tattoo shop hosts a string of world-class guest artists from all over the globe to offer top-notch tattoo-making services to esteemed customers. 

Wrapping Up 

Many tattoo shops operate in Orlando, but finding an ideal tattoo shop that meets your needs takes time and effort. So researching and doing some online investigation before making the final decision is essential. As you walk through the tattoo shop, go for a tattoo shop that is well-maintained and clean. The right tattoo shop and an artist can beautify your skin with unique artistic designs. 

Hope this post gives you a deep understanding of the best tattoo shops in Orlando. 

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