30+ Shoulder Tattoos For Men: Awesome Ideas and Designs

Shoulder tattoos for men can vary in size, shade, meaning, as well as placement (front shoulder, back shoulder, full sleeve, etc). Do you enjoy bigger designs, as well as tattoos that are masculine and powerful? If you’re looking for your next design and you’re not too sure what to go for, this article is for you. Keep on reading and find a tattoo that you’re going to love, along with its deeper meaning and spiritual significance. Here’s what you’ve been missing out on.

How Pricey Are Shoulder Tattoos + Do Shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

If you plan on getting a tattoo sometime soon, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into, and what are your options. Luckily & for most people, the pain of being tattooed here is usually low to moderate. This is because you have thick skin and not as much of bones in this area, allowing for a pain-free tattoo experience. Price-wise, tattoos truly vary, and different colors & sizes will come at different prices and into play. Let’s not forget to mention that most tattoo artists bill per hour. So, this means that your design can vary from $50-$2,000! Always go for something and someone who is within your preferred budget.

30+ Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Black Shoulder Tattoos

1. Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoos For Men: Tribal

A tribal shoulder tattoo is a common concept that most guys tend to go for. If you work out and if you’re proud of your masculine physique, this tattoo will show it! Place it on your shoulder and chest to get this black ink masterpiece! Anyone with a Polynesian background will also fancy this tattoo, as well as anyone who is a fan of Dwayne Rock!

Fun fact: Speaking of tribes: did you know that native Americans spoke more than 300 languages??!

2. Black Anime Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoos For Men: Black Anime

Place your favorite anime show or anime character onto your shoulder. If you love cartoons and you also enjoy tattoos that are different, this will suit you. Here is something that you probably didn’t know: in Japan, many schools have anime as an actual subject! Stick to monochrome black ink and book a trustworthy tattoo artist. Go for someone who knows how to do realistic pieces, as well as Japanese or Chinese characters from your favorite book, movie, manga, or cartoon!

3. Shoulder Tattoo Tiger Print

Shoulder Tattoos For Men: Tiger Print

A tiger tattoo design on your shoulder stands for great strength and power. If you’re a dominant person who loves to stand out and take action at every given point during your life, this is for you! Show that you’re not afraid of anyone or anything with this creative and fearless tiger design.

Did you know: One tiger can weigh as much as 300 kilograms?!

4. Eagle Design Shoulder Tattoo


An eagle shoulder tattoo stands for your curiosity, as well as your curious personality. It is a tattoo that can represent your bold and dominant approach in life. Believe it or not & when it comes to eagles: females are often larger than males. If you’re a bird lover or someone who loves American culture and history, an eagle is always a good idea.

5. Shoulder Tattoo For Guys


Assert dominance and show that you’re a guy who enjoys creative tattoos, as well as robots! Here’s something that you probably didn’t know: Robot comes from the Czech word ‘Robota’, even though most people think that this is an American word. This shoulder design will show that you’re comfortable with who you are and that you’re also aware of your true power. Guys who love quirky and unusual ink will fancy this cool style.

6. Cool Black Tattoo Portrait Idea


You can go for a portrait of someone you really fancy, as well as someone who is important in your life. This creative shoulder tattoo is attention-seeking. Heads up as it is quite time-consuming, so make sure that you’re equipped for it and that you’re ready to give it a go.

Did you know that in order to make the perfect portrait shot, five elements have to be met? These are light, composition, technicality, location & emotion. This stunning design is from Working Class Tattoo in Kansas City.

7. Front Shoulder Tattoo


A shoulder tattoo for guys such as this one will take 5-8 hours to complete. It is not too big, yet it is covered in all these little details that can make your design pop! If you enjoy asserting dominance and exploring your current life path, this tattoo is for you! Show that you have a curious spirit and that you’re all about trying out new things in life, no matter where life may take you. This eagle also often weighs anywhere from 8 to 14 pounds, giving you a fun fact to talk about with others.

8. Wolf Shoulder Tattoo Design


A gorgeous wolf shoulder tattoo like this one is for guys who love big and dominant artwork. You can show that you’re powerful and hungry for revenge, as well as new experiences in life. If you are all about glamour and you want something that shows your dominance and your true colors, this is it!

Did you know that there are only two types of wolves: the gray wolf and the red wolf?!

9. Half Shoulder Half Sleeve Tattoo


If you love shoulder tattoos and you want to make them into full-sleeve designs, this is for you! This big and gorgeous black artwork is going to look amazing on guys who work out. Greek mythology, Greek monsters, and skull prints will look very creative. The final result is quite time-consuming and might not be for everyone’s pocket, so heads up before you commit to it. Also, speaking of uniqueness, did you know that not all of the Greek gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus?! Who would have thought?

10. Big & Bold Shoulder Tattoo


This gorgeous shoulder tattoo is a masterpiece! You can go for this realistic tiger print and color it in black ink, but spice up the design by adding bright blue eyes! If your natural eyes are blue, everyone is going to notice you in this design. Show that you want to be taken seriously and that you enjoy big and bold dominant tattoos. The final result is a must-do for those who enjoy unique artsy ideas.

Fun fact: Just one large deer can provide a tiger with food for 7 days.

11. Cool Anime Shoulder Tattoo


If you have an important character in mind, why not place them on your big and broad shoulders? This type of tattoo shows an anime character in a movie or show that you love. If you’re a fan of detailed artwork and you fully trust your tattoo artist why not commit to this design and show it off?!

Also, did you know that Attack On Titan is the most famous anime?!

12. Scary Demon Shoulder Tattoo


Those who love scary ghost-inspired tattoos will enjoy this character. It shows a fierce and scary side of you, but it can also symbolize your past and the things that you’ve been through. If you’ve been struggling with something in the past but have managed to overcome it by now, this tattoo will show it! It is very intriguing, so why not try it out? Also, did you know that demons are fallen angels? What a story to tell!

13. Shark Shoulder Tattoo


Guys who are afraid of sharks will enjoy this tattoo. It is for those who have had a close encounter, or for those who are afraid of what’s deep within. The ocean is still so unexplored, which is why you may fear it. This small shoulder tattoo is going to suit you and your curious spirit.

Fun fact: sharks have a sixth sense! How jealous are you of it?!

14. Shoulder Tattoo For Men


This angel and demon-inspired tattoo is so unique and different. It has two characters and elements; both good and evil. This shows that you may feel lost in certain situations and that you’re unaware of the path that you’re on. The end result is very spiritual and can suit different age groups & backgrounds.

Did you know that in some cultures and literature that the color red was associated with fertility?

15. Warrior Shoulder Tattoo


This scary tattoo shows a unique creature that you may be afraid of. It looks a bit like an ogre or a troll, and it can symbolize anything in life that you may fear or look up to. The tattoo itself can get pretty pricey to do, so heads up before you place it on your shoulders. Also, it can stand for your spirit and way of seeking personal glory.

Bright & Colorful Shoulder Tattoos

1. Alien Shoulder Tattoo


Do you believe that aliens are out there? Are you afraid of them, or do you think of them as magnificent creatures? This big shoulder sleeve design is going to suit those who enjoy colorful and creative tattoo work. Make sure that you have 40+ hours to spare to complete this gorgeous design.

Fun fact: Black holes and mega stars are two examples of high-energy hotspots where some astronomers believe AI aliens would choose to linger around.

2. Neon Art Shoulder Tattoo


Not a lot of tattoo artists know how to do neon artwork. This beautiful masterpiece is for those who enjoy big and wild tattoos, as well as creative artwork. Also, neon is one of the rarest elements on Earth, so why not show them just how rare they are? You can go for any person you love in your life and make them into this glowing 3D neon picture! Just make sure that you book the best artist you know of to achieve this tattoo.

3. Blue Snake Shoulder Tattoo


This colorful blue snake symbolizes your fear of failure, as well as the input of other people. Go for this gorgeous shade of blue to make the design even more catchy. The color blue usually stands for inner peace and your relaxed approach toward life. If you were ever “bit” or burnt in the past due to someone’s poisonous personality, show it off with this design.

Here is a weird fact: did you know that snakes don’t have eyelids?!

4. Blue Sleeve Shoulder Tattoo


This giant bright blue sleeve and shoulder tattoo is for guys who love dominant and catchy artwork. A tattoo such as this one can take hours and days to complete. The end result shows your character and how you’ve been through thick and thin, but have managed to pull through in the end! Also, it will symbolize your natural built (with more than 60 percent of you being made by water).

5. Creative Shoulder Tattoo


Go for a splash of color around this symbol to make it even more intriguing and different. This tattoo is very simple and easy to do, often worn by guys who enjoy the simplicity and smaller artwork. You can show your heritage and your background in this way, yet not make it too grandiose or “in people’s faces”. The end result is very subtle and worth checking out.

6. Bright Anime Shoulder Tattoo Print


Try out this cool anime tattoo and go for a full sleeve and shoulder placement to complete it. Sometimes, these big and bold tattoos are hard to show off with limited space. This is why you should consider going all out! The color pink makes it even more intriguing and different. You can tell an entire saga with just one tattoo. If you want to commit to something modern and totally quirky, this may be the right candidate for you.

Did you know that anime is just a short word for animation?

7. Creative Shoulder Tattoo For Guys


Guys who work out often want to show off their guns and their bodies. Does this sound like you? If you’re satisfied with your physique, why not further show it off with this tattoo? It is a gorgeous and glorious masterpiece that shows your love for hard work and balance.

Good news for you if you commit to this tattoo or any sleeve design: only 2% of people with sleeves tend to regret their choice.

8. Fruit Shoulder Tattoo


Fruits can symbolize labor, but they can also symbolize your love for simplicity and authenticity in life. The color orange stands for a happy person, as well as someone who likes to have fun in life in their own way. Add a bee symbol as well. With it, you’re going to send a clear message: you’re observant and you love to pay close attention to details and things that are happening to you.

Speaking of fruit; did you know that kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges?

9. Blue Shoulder Tattoo Print


Go for this mystical and creative tattoo if you’re a fan of abstract art. It has a unique element, as well as that Greek mythology-inspired vibe to it, which is what most history lovers enjoy. If you want something out of the ordinary, as well as a tad bit Geeky, this is for you!

Looking back at it now, you should know that brothers Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon were the most important gods of all.

10. Rose Shoulder Tattoo


A rose tattoo print on your shoulder can stand for the love of your lost and closest ones. The orange shade is often used for grief and is such a subtle and light shade that everyone will spot on your back shoulder. It is not too big, yet it has a deeper meaning. Guys who have lost someone important in their life and they’re not afraid to speak about it will enjoy this art piece.

PS: Did you know that roses are edible?

11. Flower & Snake Shoulder Tattoo


Do you love Chinese-inspired tattoos and Chinese-inspired artwork? This design is all about the Chinese New Year and what it has to offer, as well as the challenges around it. Make sure that you can commit to this tattoo (both financially and time-wise), as it can be a tricky piece to go for, and a pricey one. The end result is more than beautiful, don’t you agree?

12. Japanese Shoulder Tattoo


If Chinese is not your vibe you can always turn to Japanese-inspired artwork! This samurai print is gorgeous and truly one of a kind. Those who have Japanese roots and heritage will enjoy this tattoo. It is also going to suit those who feel like actual warriors and want the world to see their strength!

Did you know: although Samurai might not look like it, they were highly literate and cultured.

13. Bright Arm Tattoo On Shoulder


Make sure that you have in mind the color combo of this print. The truth is that bright and vivid colors fade over time, so going with something as colorful might take a lot of courage. But one thing is for sure: it is the most unique tattoo that one can book.

14. Japanese Cherry Shoulder Tattoo


A Japanese cherry tattoo across your back can symbolize your peaceful side, as well as your love for elegance and slow approach toward life. You are smart and you know what life has to offer, which is why you’re taking things at your own pace. Guys who love nature will also fancy this gorgeous back design. You will also enjoy its deeper meaning: brevity of life.

15. Bright Red Shoulder Tattoo


This unique bird and dragon duo symbolizes your dominant personality, as well as your fiery personality. If you’re someone who often attracts a ton of attention and looks in your day-to-day life, this is for you. Bright red color stands for your dominant presence, as well as your wish to stand out and achieve recognition in every given situation.

16. Green Shoulder Tattoo Idea


Do you like tech and cyborg-inspired tattoos? If so, this print is for you. It is going to show off your love for neon signs, bright artwork, and tattoos that speak louder than words! This tattoo doesn’t need a lot of explanation as it is very modern and Sci-Fi inspired. If you’re a tech geek and you love quirky tattoos – this is ideal for you.

17. Wild Forest Shoulder Tattoo


Nature lovers and those who often get lost in their own thoughts and emotions will like this tattoo. It is bright, colorful, and wild, often symbolizing your creativity and your inner spirit that is curios about life. If you’re always enjoying Mother Nature, place this big shoulder tattoo and watch it be an amazing conversation starter!

Fun fact: Did you know that forests are home to over 80% of biodiversities?

18. Blue Wave Shoulder Tattoo


The bright blue wave pattern is for guys who are cool, calm & collected. You will also love it as it is a primary color. This bright blue tattoo symbolizes your peaceful side & tranquility. If you are happy with where you stand in life and you’re ready for any journey, waves are for you!

19. Owl Shoulder Tattoo Print


Owls symbolize a smart & well-calculated individual. A bright colorful shoulder tattoo such as this one is for those who also love nature. If you’ve come a long way and you’re ready for anything that life may throw your way, this is going to look amazing on you. It is not too pricey or time-consuming to go for either.

20. Flowers On A Shoulder Tattoo


Lastly, this colorful & wild tattoo is for guys who love Mother Nature. Different colors can also symbolize different emotions. Show that you’re complex with all these flower types. Men who aren’t afraid of their emotions and can display them to the world will see the beauty of this tattoo.

Show Off Your Cool Shoulder Tattoo!

So, which tattoo did you like the most? Are you into bigger or smaller designs, as well as monochrome or colorful options? We’ve covered it all, so let us know what you end up picking as your next favorite design. We can’t wait to see you rocking something fun and new across your broad shoulders!

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