Small tattoos for men: 30+ Design Ideas

If you’re not a fan of big and bold tattoos and you’re on the lookout for small tattoos for men, this article is for you! Anyone who thinks that smaller tattoos can look intriguing and can say just as much as bigger prints will appreciate this article. Not only that they’re a lot more affordable and they take a lot less time to do. The truth is that these tattoos can also have an important impact and a story to tell or show about a person. If you want inspiration, keep on reading and see what we have in store for you.

What Are Some Popular Small Tattoos For Men?

Not too sure what to go for and what your options are? Do you feel like you are limited in terms of picking out the perfect design? Well, you should read our article and recommended options down below. Not only that it will take you only 1-3 hours to finish your chosen design, but you are also going to pay a smaller amount of money.

You are looking at $100-$500 for your chosen tattoo, depending on the tattoo artist that you end up booking. Some tattoo artists have higher prices & fees, while others offer discounts. Just go for someone who is within your budget. Anyway & no matter who you end up booking, here are some cool tattoos to consider:

– Name & date prints
– Important quotes, songs, or sayings
– A tattoo of your pet
– Portraits of important people in your life
– Cars and your hobbies
– Tribal designs

30+ Small Tattoos For Men

1. Dog Small Tattoo For Men

Small tattoos for men: dogs

A cute dog tattoo like this one is for guys who are truly close to their furry little pal still to this day. If you love your little puppy and you’re always trying to show affection in one way or the other, this tattoo is going to suit you.

2. Small Tattoos For Men Fruit Image

Small tattoos for men: fruit

If you love to eat fruit and you’re a big fan of sweet or savory items, this little orange print will show it. Anyone who enjoys delicious and healthy items will easily show it with this mini and retro symbol.

3. Wolf Small Tattoos For Men On Arm

Small tattoos for men: wolf

Is there a wolf within you? Do you feel like you’re always chasing some big things, and do you enjoy a challenge? If this applies to you and if you’re driven and always up for fun, ta-da! This wolf is going to look amazing on most people and around their wrists.

4. Quote Small Tattoos For Men

Try out a mini quote and place this word design in Japanese or Chinese if you want to stay secretive. Anyone who has a story to tell which is secretive and private will enjoy this tattoo.

5. Blue Bird Small Tattoo For Guys

A bright blue bird design can be a symbol of new power and idealism that you strive for. Place a bright yellow or golden crown on top to further show your royalty and dignity. Anyone who is a fan of nature and travel will fancy this tattoo.

6. Funny Small Tattoo Design

Try out this matching smiley face design and show that you have two moods and different kinds of characters. You can also get a matching tattoo with someone who is important in your life. Anyone who prefers smaller tattoos yet with bigger interpretations will enjoy this tattoo.

7. Number Small Tattoos For Men

Get a number tattoo that is important to you and which holds a specific and unique meaning. Placing this tattoo on your arm will show that you’re honest and open, as well as that you have something big and grandiose to tell about yourself.

8. Chest Small Tattoos For Guys

Do you love your mom, and are you a true momma’s boy? Let’s be honest, a lot of guys are very close to their parents. This is why you’re going to enjoy this design that is decorated with a pair of wings. If your mom is an angel or your actual hero, this is going to look so cute and cute on you while having a deeper meaning.

9. Wolf Print Small Tattoos For Guys

Do you love animals? Are you a lone wolf? If you’re close to Mother Nature and you enjoy scary-looking beast tattoos, this design is for you. You can show that you’re no longer afraid and that you’ve accepted your life and your faith as it is. Anyone who is thick-skinned and determined is going to enjoy this tattoo.

10. Chest Small Tattoos For Guys

Do you love someone, in particular, quite a lot in your life? Do you want to show it to them in your own unique way? This gorgeous little chest tattoo with defined ink and a name design will show that you’re connected in your own way. The other person is going to appreciate it, and will actually see just how much you love them!

11. Small Tattoos For Men Shoe Print

Not all tattoos have to have big and grandiose messages or deeper meanings. In fact, you can try out this mini-shoe design and simply say that you enjoy different kinds of sports. Anyone who is an athlete is going to appreciate this little sneaker black ink tattoo.

12. Wrist Small Tattoos For Men

Not a fan of needles? Do you enjoy smaller tattoos and petite artwork? If you want a design that you can do in less than 30 minutes, this is for you! A must-try by those who enjoy smaller artwork and designs that don’t hurt or cost a lot.

13. Arabic Small Tattoos For Men

Try out this tattoo and place the name of someone important in your life on your wrists. It is a gorgeous Arabic style of tattoo, a must-try by those who enjoy staying somewhat secretive and quiet about their chosen and rocked tattoo.

14. Goku Anime Small Tattoos For Men

Do you love Goku? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?! This bright blue tattoo and this character are all about fun and showing your playful little side. You can also show that you love cartoons or movies still to this day. If Goku is your favorite and you want to try out a design that is very vivid and fun-looking, this is for you.

15. Foot Ankle Small Tattoos For Men

A small foot tattoo like this one is very quick and simple to do. It is often worn by guys who dislike the pain of a needle being pressed into their skin. If you’re someone who likes petite tattoos and you have a wild spirit or a wild character within you, this is going to show it!

16. Purple Small Tattoos For Guys

A lot of people (guys especially) tend to go for Sci-Fi inspired tattoos and designs. This little colorful circle and rounded design with the main characters will show how you see yourself. It will also show how you perceive your surroundings. Anyone who is an adventurist soul will enjoy this tattoo.

17. Trendy Colorful Small Tattoos For Men

Tribal or old-looking tattoos such as mandala designs can look elegant and artsy. Guys who love wrist tattoos and those who are deeply connected with themselves are going to like this design. Stick to colorful water art and rock this design in its full glory!

18. Cool Calf Tattoo For Guys

Do you love animals? Are you a fan of Mother Nature? If you see yourself as a lonely wolf and you’re deeply connected with your surroundings, give this tattoo a try. Do it in all-black ink and pay close attention to details and outlines. Book the best tattoo artist you know of to end up with this tattoo.

19. Arm Tattoo Game Print

How funny is this game over tattoo design? True gamers will fall in love with this mini print. If you love Mario Bros then you know where this tattoo and character are from. It is cool and cute, often worn by those who prefer funny-looking designs and creative tattoos.

20. Small Tattoos For Men Football Inspired

Almost everyone loves football. Do you? If you’re a fan of this sport then why not get a tattoo of your favorite player on your arm or forearm? Stick to black, red, and yellow colors to make the design stand out and to show how much you really love and adore your chosen football player. The final design is going to look very sentimental and unique.

21. Cool Back Small Tattoos For Men

Neck tattoos are commonly worn by guys who work out, as well as guys who are proud of their bodies. Do you enjoy showing off your masculine neck? You can add a unique symbol or a letter that is very personal and unique to you. The final result can look outgoing and will show that you’re a bold character who can rock a bold tattoo.

22. Eye Design Small Tattoos For Men

Not a lot of tattoo artists know how to do these detailed drawings. If you fully trust yours and if you’re a fan of portrait tattoos and you have someone’s eyes on your mind, why not get this tattoo? It is going to show love, affection, and closeness, so who wouldn’t appreciate the design?!

23. Love Inspired Small Tattoo

A small little tattoo like this one is going to attract a lot of attention. It shows a bond between two people and is often worn by fathers and daughters, as well as by brothers and sisters. If you want to show affection in your own way and you’re into sentimental pieces, this is going to look so good on you.

24. Palm Ink Small Tattoos For Men

A mini forearm or palm tattoo like this one is often worn by guys who enjoy scary and mystical symbols. If you’re a fan of black ink and “devilish” or witchy tattoos, this is for you. The final design is going to show that you’re close to your spiritual side and that you’re often seeking something new to explore.

25. Small Tattoos For Men On Arm

Do you love space-inspired tattoos? Are you a fan of little and retro robots? If you’re a true galaxy lover and you want everyone to see that about you, this mini black robot is the right design for you to do! It is also a bit funny, so why not make your tattoo different and unique?

26. Black Neck Outline Small Tattoos For Men

You can go for a name print tattoo across your neck and show that you’re close to your special someone in this way! If you’re a fan of sentimental designs and you love ‘love’, this is for you! The final design is appropriate for your girlfriend or wife, as they’re going to cherish it and appreciate it forever.

27. Middle Finger Small Tattoos For Men

Not everything in life has to be too serious, you know? This little retro and funny middle finger tattoo is going to show that you’re all up for jokes. If you love to joke and laugh around+ you enjoy making things a bit casual and relaxed, this is for you.

28. Cool Small Tattoos For Men On Neck

Do you love this neck tattoo? Are you a fan of Greek-inspired designs? This tattoo in particular is going to look great on guys who are intrigued by big fights. If you often have a huge battle going on and you want to assert dominance everywhere – book this print.

29. Shoulder Small Tattoos For Men

How cool is this branch design? Do you enjoy nature-inspired elements and tattoos? Just show that you’re driven by change and that you love nature, as well as the power and importance of living in the moment. This gorgeously shaded tattoo will suit anyone, no matter their preference.

30. Rose Print With A Date Small Tattoos For Men

A neck tattoo like this one is going to look so cool and outstanding. Place a rose symbol and a date that is important to you. You can dedicate your tattoo to your daughter, sister, or girlfriend, just go for a date that makes sense and that links you together.

31. Cute Dog Small Tattoos For Men

Lastly, you can go for this puppy symbol and add a cute pet image across your arm or leg. Anyone who is close to their furry little pal will enjoy this tattoo and its cuteness! Show that you love them and that you’re close. Heads up as everyone is going to ask about this print, so be prepared to give out answers.

Book Your Tattoo Artist!

Sometimes and for some people, less is more! If you want to try out a petite design and if you are limited with space or your budget, we got your back with any of these tattoos. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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