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So, you had a folder full of bookmarks of tattoo inspiration on Instagram but were afraid to get your skin etched. You gathered the courage, and you’ve decided to get your first tattoo; your dream is going to be true! Which tattooist you’ve chosen for this monumental work? Blank on this question?

You’ve no idea which tattoo shop would be perfect for your first tattoo. That’s why you are here; we guessed it! If this is the case, fret not, as this listing will help you determine which turn you should take from your home to get to the best tattoo artisan. Read on to get familiar with the top 10 tattoo shops in Houston.

Best tattoo shop houston

Getting the first time on the tattoo bed is quite daunting, but the more complex work is finding the best tattoo artist. To help you with this task, here is the list of the best tattoo shops in Houston.

3rd Generation Ink


Facebook: 3rd Generation Ink

Instagram: @3rdgenerationink

Founded in 2014 by Larry Shaw II, who belongs to one of America’s oldest tattoo families, 3rd Generation Ink is one of the best tattoo shops in Houston. The patriarch of the family, Bob Shaw, began tattooing in 1940 for Bert Grimm, one of the most celebrated tattoo artists. It is located at 126 Heights Boulevard, Houston.

This famous tattoo boutique is renowned for producing custom tattoos in traditional Japanese form, “miracle” cover-up designs, and new school styles. Their creative team ensures safety, hygiene, and quality service while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. If you want to engrave a masterpiece on your body, tattoo artists at 3rd Generation Ink are to deliver their best.

Scorpion Studios Tattoo


Facebook: Scorpion Studios Tattoo

Instagram: @scorpionstudiostattoo

Are you looking for a satisfying tattoo experience in Houston? Make a visit to Scorpion Studios Tattoo and immerse yourself in one of the most relaxing experiences. This tattoo studio has a team of award-winning, talented artists capable of etching the custom tattoo style you have in your mind.

Scorpion Studios Tattoo adheres to all the health regulations set by higher authorities and believes in safe and sound practices. They accept walk-ins with a smile from Monday to Saturday. However, if you are short on time and want a faster operation, you can also book in-person appointments.

The best part is you don’t have to worry if you fail to make it up to the studio, as you can always cancel your appointment promptly.

The Redhawk Studio


Facebook: Redhawk Studio

Instagram: @theredhawkstudio

Hop, skip, and jump away from many popular downtown attractions; the Redhawk Studio is one of the best tattoo shops in Houston. It welcomes clients all over the globe and provides them with quality tattoo etching services. This tattoo studio’s calm and peaceful environment makes it stand out from the rest.

The Redhawk Studio doesn’t allow walk-ins; all tattoo-making sessions are by appointment only. A large selection of entertainment is available at this fantastic studio, so you do not get bored during the tattoo-making process, including AppleTV, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and more. So, when are you booking their team for your first tattoo?

Noble Street Tattoo Parlour


Facebook: Noble Street Tattoo Parlour

Instagram: @noblestreettattoo

If you are searching for the best tattoo studio in Houston, look no further, Noble Street Tattoo Parlour could be your final destination. This tattoo parlor has a pool of artists who work directly with clients. Not only do they create body art based on their input, but they also offer guidance and artistic vision for the tattoo-making process.

Noble Street Tattoo Parlour is established to bring the client’s imagination into reality and satiate the hunger for aesthetically pleasing tattoos. You can connect with their expert team of tattooists, select the best that suit your needs, and get the first tattoo that flatters your body and expresses yourself.

Rampage Tattoo


Facebook: Rampage Tattoo

Instagram: @rampagetattoo

Having been in the business of tattoo-making since 2011, Rampage Tattoo provides high-quality body art services with its team of expert tattoo artists. The team of professional artists of this studio, led by Ram Perez, specializes in realism tattoos, black and grey tattoos, portraits, and biochemical tattoo designs; you can meet and get the tattoo of your preferred style.

The most impressive part of Rampage Tattoo is that this studio offers valet parking and accepts payments in various methods, including card payment and cash. To get a tattoo from its team, book your appointment now and wait for their revert and tattoo date. The best way to communicate with them is by email.

Flying Squid Tattoo


Facebook: Flying Squid Tattooing & Art Gallery

Instagram: @flyingsquidtattoo

Located in the heart of Houston Heights, Flying Squid Tattoo is a multi-faceted art gallery and tattoo shop. It is operated by a group of tattoo experts, each holding substantial experience and the nitty-gritty of tattooing. You can explore each artisan’s work and select one that fits like a glove for your first tattoo.

Unlike other tattoo parlors, Flying Squid Tattoo doesn’t focus on just making money. Instead, it keeps the client’s safety and health on top. When visiting this parlor, you will feel the difference yourself; everything there is so clean and comfortable. Moreover, they also use modern decontamination methods, making this place safe for everyone.

Texas Body Art


Facebook: Texas Body Art LLC

Instagram: @texasbodyart

With 27 years of history, Texas Body Art is one of Houston’s best and most prized custom tattoo shops. This tattoo studio has employed tattoo artists with years of expertise, helping this business grow with leaps and bounds. They provide their beloved clients with the utmost quality tattoo-making services with maximum comfort and cleanliness.

Texas Body Art is well-known for practicing their art with the safest measures and compliance with regulatory norms. Their artists stick to the guidelines of the owner and the authorities and use single-service needles and discard them as well as pink caps after use. So, if you want risk-free tattooing, you must meet their team of excellence.

Bayou City Body Shop Tattoo Studio


Facebook: Bayou City Body Shop Tattoo Studio

Instagram: @bayoucitytattoos

Since 2006, Bayou City Body Shop Tattoo Studio has been pridefully serving Houston, Katy, and other nearby areas. This tattoo parlor’s professional artists accommodate its customers with all tattoo styles, including portraits, neo-traditional, lettering, new school, American traditional, and photorealism. Also, its team is committed to providing its customers with high-end tattooing.

Bayou City Body Shop Tattoo Studio attempts to make its customers feel comfortable and offer them a delightful experience. This shop is very open with state-of-the-art sanitization systems, ensuring the safety of its customers. The coolest thing about this tattoo parlor is its gumball machine. Go to this studio with your friends, get your first tattoo, and have fun!

Buddha’s Temple of Body Art


Facebook: Javier Amaya

Instagram: @buddhas.tattoos.houston

Serving Houston since the mid-90s, Buddha’s Temple of Body Art is one of the best tattoo shops in Houston. It boasts light-handed tattoo artists who will execute the process with exactitude and handle your skin gently while tattooing. They are always seen prioritizing clients’ comforts and cleanliness at the shop.

Buddha’s Temple of Body Art is open during unsociable hours, making them perfect for getting a tattoo after finishing your work shift. You can also contact their team for advice if your skin feels itchy or your body develops problems after ink etching. This tattoo shop accepts walk-ins happily, and their service cost won’t burn your pockets. So, get your first tattoo here without feeling pain!

FAQ Tattoo Shops in Houston

What do I need to know before visiting a tattoo shop?

You must remember certain points before going to a tattoo shop. Try to follow as many of these points as possible:

  • Take your time before making a decision. 
  • Do as much research as possible 
  • Be mentally prepared 
  • Built-in a bit of pain tolerance. 
  • Carry an identity card. 

Where are the tattoos most painful?

There are a lot of theories regarding this question. However, none of them is 100% reliable. There can’t be a generic answer as every individual’s pain tolerance differs. So, self-awareness is the tool you might use to ensure the least pain during the process.

Can I cover up a scar with a tattoo? 

Yes, it is possible to cover up a scar. However, it will depend on your scar’s size, age, etc. the possibility of it getting fully or partially covered. 

Are tattoos safe?

As long as you get a tattoo from a reputable shop and artist who ensures to follow all health norms, tattoos won’t do any damage to your skin or health. Also, you may consider getting a checkup for skin sensitivity and allergies before getting a tattoo. 

Wrapping it up!

Houston is home to many talented tattoo artists and shops offering various styles and techniques. The top 10 tattoo shops mentioned in the list have built a reputation for themselves. Whether looking for traditional, blackwork, realistic, or neo-traditional tattoos, all these shops have something to offer. Each of these shops is highly recommended as all of them offer striking work, a soothing environment, along with close attention to hygiene. 

Remember, a tattoo is something that is going to stay on your skin for a while; hence, hustling through your decision is not advisable. So, take your time, refer to our list, and make your decision according to your convenience, budget, and preferred tattoo style. 

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