32 Tattoo with Praying Hands Ideas

Tattoos with praying hands can symbolize spiritual, emotional, or religious parts about you. Do you fall under any of these categories? Do you see yourself as a religious person or someone who is deeply connected with his or her surroundings? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you! In this blog, we’re going to talk about a lot of gorgeous and elegant tattoos. We will also cover up some symbols that can show off your true colors and your deeper feelings. This will also symbolize your closeness to some deeper parts that others may not know about you. If you’re interested in this, read on!

What Does A Tattoo With Praying Hands Symbolize?

If you are looking for a prayer hands tattoo meaning and explanation, you should know that it is often linked to prayers & faith. For the right wearer and with a certain color combo, this tattoo can represent love & closeness to God. Just by looking at this design, you can remind yourself to stay strong in faith and never give up. Anyone who is driven and motivated in life will enjoy this meaning, as well as our recommended options.

Top 32 Tattoos With Praying Hands

Black & White Tattoos With Praying Hands

1. Forearm Tattoo With Praying Hands


Give this tattoo a go if you’re a fan of black ink and cool outlines. Guys who enjoy creative forearm tattoos will like this concept. The final result is a deep and spiritual tattoo that shows love and appreciation, as well as your deep religion,

2. Tattoo With Praying Hands For Guys


Add a cross right next to your pair of hands and this praying symbol. If you’re someone who likes details and you enjoy expressing yourself through your art – this is for you. It is not too pricey or hard to do either, which is what makes it perfect.

3. Small Tattoo With Praying Hands


Go for this pair of hands and tie them together with this rope to symbolize obedience and your way of expressing your true emotions and intentions. Although it may look and feel scary, or as if you’re being tied down, this tattoo will symbolize your current path.

4. Stomach Tattoo With Praying Hands


Not a lot of people would dare to try out a stomach tattoo. Would you? It is a cool concept that shows and tells quite a lot but heads up as it can be uncomfortable and painful to do. Make sure that you can handle the pain factor and only then commit to this design.

5. Black Outline Tattoo With Praying Hands


This cool black outline in black ink of praying hands is often worn by those connected with themselves and their spiritual uplifting. If you want to show how devoted you are in life, why not do it with this tattoo?

6. Fist Tattoo With Praying Hands


Go for a pair of hands praying on top of your fist or wrist for an amazing double impact of this tattoo. Place an important date on top as well to show your love and true feelings toward something or someone specific and important in your life. It can be someone who has passed away or someone who you truly value.

7. Black Outline Tattoo With Praying Hands


This black outline and this design are often worn by guys who are close to god and they’re not afraid to show it. If you’re deeply connected with something or someone from your past – this will show it and outline it.

8. Chest Tattoo With Praying Hands


Chest tattoos are often worn by guys who love their masculine features. In fact, this tattoo can look so good on those who work out. Pair the design with an important quote and enjoy its spiritual message.

9. Shoulder Tattoo With Praying Hands


Try out this shoulder tattoo and pair it with a dove or a bird if your liking. Usually, doves are used to symbolize the passing of someone important and close in your life. If you have suffered a great loss and you’ve been struck or shocked by it in any way – this tattoo will speak volumes.

10. Neck Tattoo With Praying Hands


A small and simple neck tattoo like this one is often worn by guys who can handle visible ink. In most cases, jobs don’t allow for such a visible tattoo. If your job is flexible and if you can rock showy pieces, who are we to stop you from having yours? Pair it with an important quote to make it even more personal.

11. Spiritual Tattoo With Praying Hands


Mother Theresa and her praying symbol is the most popular design still to this day. Most Catholics get this print, and anyone who is religious might enjoy it just as much. It is very creative, feminine, and empowering, often worn by both men and women.

12. Small Neck Tattoo With Praying Hands


Try out this small pair of hands that are crossed together and praying. Make sure that you can handle the pain, as neck tattoos can be quite tricky to do. You should also book an amazing tattoo artist who has a vision if you wish to get the exact same design.

13. Tattoo With Praying Hands On Neck


Guys who are bald and bold will like this tattoo design! Not everyone dares to go all out, do you? If you’re someone who prefers dramatic ink and you’re a spiritual and religious person, this will show it to the world! It is also an amazing conversation starter as well.

14. Calf Tattoo With Praying Hands


Calf tattoos don’t hurt a lot, and they’re often rocked by those who can’t stand the needle pain and the discomfort of a tattoo. If your pain tolerance level is low and you’re not too sure what to go with – this is the best solution.

15. Side Boob Tattoo With Praying Hands


Side boob tattoos are very feminine and sexy. Most women tend to do them since they’re so secretive and hidden. If you want a piece that others don’t have and you wish to look and rock something unique – this might suit you as it is a rare tattoo.

16. Tattoo With Praying Hands On Arm


Put a bouquet into the praying hand symbol if you wish to recreate this exact art. It is a gorgeous and feminine tattoo that will symbolize your pure feminine energy and your inner strength. Those who have been through something rough will like this concept.

17. Forearm Tattoo With Praying Hands


Add several celestial bodies and elements on top of your skin if you wish to get this exact same tattoo. It symbolizes your inner and higher self, as well as the awareness that you put out to the world.

18. Dedicated Tattoo With Praying Hands


Dedicate a tattoo to someone special and important in your life who you have had or have lost in one period. Go for their date of birth or the day when they died, just to show how much they’ve meant.

19. Little Tattoo With Praying Hands


Super cute and so little and petite, this design is for those who dislike larger pieces or those who enjoy minimalism, yet want a showy place. Show where you stand when it comes to your religious beliefs with this design and rock it with full confidence!

Colorful Tattoos With Praying Hands

1. Black Tattoo With Praying Hands With Rose


Add a pop of red to symbolize love or emotions that you’re feeling toward someone important in your life. If they’ve passed away and they were your everything – embrace them. Add a cross as well to pay full respect and homage to them.

2. Colorful Tattoo With Praying Hands


Colorful tattoos with praying hands and other religious symbols will stand for your true character. Heads up as this tattoo can take hours to do and its main point is to look as realistic as possible.

3. Funny Tattoo With Praying Hands


Make your tattoo funny and funky with something quirky and different, such as this pizza symbol. Who says that your perception and view of religion have to be so strict? This creation will show that you’re all fun and jokes, as well as down to earth while still being religious.

4. Red Tattoo With Praying Hands


Add a pop of red to your tattoo and onto these hands if you have an important message or story to tell. Show your emotions and appreciation with this print. The final result is perfect for those who have loved and have lost, and they’re not afraid to talk about it or show it.

5. Realistic Tattoo With Praying Hands


Take inspiration from realistic pair of hands and give it a go with this elegant tattoo. Play along with this color combo if you enjoy detailed artwork and you want something that is quite different and unique to have.

6. Bright Orange Tattoo With Praying Hands


Orange is a color of hope and a bright future. If you feel close to your loved one and if you’re often praying for them – this will suit you. Show them how much they mean to you and that you value their presence in your life.

7. Cool & Detailed Tattoo With Praying Hands


So cool and defined, don’t you agree? This type of artwork will take you 3-6 hours to do. Show that sometimes you may feel like a prisoner and like you’ve lost your path, but you know that you will come back to it at one point or another.

8. Big Shoulder Tattoo With Praying Hands


This big shoulder tattoo is a masterpiece worth exploring. It is big and gorgeous, often used to describe the hardships and difficulties that you have faced at one point. However, since you’re so focused and driven, no one can stop you!

9. Tattoo With Praying Hands With A Flower


Try out this tattoo and place the word love onto it as well. Once combined together this design will represent your love for god, religion, as well as anything that is within this field. If you’re open to talking about your experiences – this is for you.

10. Wild & Colorful Tattoo With Praying Hands


Why not make your own unique take on this tattoo? The concept is a bit twisted and is used to describe your love for yourself and your own version of faith. If you have had a rough path and you’re open to telling your story to the world, give this image a go.

11. Devil Inspired Tattoo With Praying Hands


How about this devil-inspired tattoo? Not everyone believes in god, which is completely fine. You can have your own ways of worship and you can rock this type of tattoo if it is in tune with your character. Add this fiery symbol to it and round up the design per your preference.

12. Cool Tattoo With Praying Hands


Some people might have an issue with gambling and may need to pray for their wins. If you have a lucky number why not place it along with your praying hands? This way, you’re going to show that you’re in tune with your own personal beliefs and your devilish path, no matter how unusual it may be.

13. Blue Tattoo With Praying Hands


Lastly, you can give it a go with this bright blue hand symbol and enjoy its unique looks. Although it may look unfinished, this tattoo has its own unique charm and is often worn by those who like lighter shades. The final design may hurt, so heads up before you commit to it.

Having Said All Of That

Want to try out something new and cool from our list? Which of these tattoos is your favorite? There’s a bit of everything for everyone, so why not embrace this design and these cool concepts? In the end, guys and girls will be capable of rocking a unique tattoo idea, that’s for sure!

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