Top 37 Thigh Tattoos For Women: Beautiful Artists Designs

Are you looking for your next fun and big thigh tattoo? Maybe you’re a fan of loud and dominant artwork that you can’t wait to share with your closest ones or anyone else who is wondering what it is that you’re rocking. Girls who like feisty artwork and those who wish to attract a lot of looks and attention will fancy this article, as well as our list and top pick of some of the coolest yet most outgoing artwork. You can try out big and colorful or black and monochrome artwork. Let us know what you fancy the most by committing to our listed options!

Top 37 Thigh Tattoos For Women

Black Thigh Tattoo For Women

1. Adam’s Family Thigh Tattoo

Thigh Tattoos For Women: Adam's Family

If you’re a big fan of the Adams family, why not get this tattoo? It is going to look great on those women who enjoy big and flashy pieces, as well as women who enjoy horror-inspired tattoo art. The end result is creative and a bit scary, yet truly dominant and a must-do by those who like memorable pieces.

2. Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Thigh Tattoos For Women: Mandala Thigh Tattoo

This cool thigh tattoo and a mandala symbol are going to look creative and artsy. It will show that you’re dedicated and relaxed, as well as that you believe in your journey and the path that you’re on. Women who enjoy paying close attention to details will fancy this piece the most.

3. Black Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Thigh Tattoos For Women: Black Dragon

A fierce dragon tattoo such as this one is going to look amazing on women who enjoy their sexy bodies and dominant character. Show that there’s a fire within you and that you like to assert dominance and a ton of attention with this creative Japanese-inspired artwork.

4. Cool Mask Thigh Tattoo For Women

You know how sometimes we are afraid to grow and face our fear? Well, this tattoo is all about that! It is a cool symbol that shows your path and your journey, as well as your character and true face that changed in time and as you aged. So, why not love and embrace that new version of yourself?!

5. Floral Thigh Tattoo

Do you love big and bold thigh tattoos? Are you a huge fan of flowers in particular? If so, you’re going to adore this giant and elegant thigh tattoo. Show that you’re in tune with your feminine side and your elegance and that you love all types of flowers. This design was create at Bang Bang tattoo, one of the great tattoo shops in NYC.

6. Black Flowers For Women Thigh Design

Try out this magical garden tattoo concept and place it on your thighs. Those who enjoy flashy tattoos and those who wish to tell an entire story with their tattoo will love this blend of butterflies, flowers, and nature-inspired elements. Make sure that you go for the right shaded concept to achieve the same design.

7. Cool Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Women who are mysterious and naturally driven by extraordinary elements will fancy this tattoo. Show that you see yourself as a powerful being and that you’re all about exploring and trying out new things and paths in life! The final result is perfect for those who love artsy elements and unique designs.

8. Snake Thigh Tattoo For Girls

Sometimes life can be scary and unpredictable. If you were bitten at one point or hurt by someone who is your friend – this tattoo will show it. Let others know that you’re very well aware of your surroundings and that no one can hurt you anymore as you’ve learned your lesson.

9. Sun & Moon Thigh Tattoo

How gorgeous is this big thigh tattoo art? You can place a moon symbol on one of your thighs, and a sun symbol on the other. This tattoo will tell such a fun story and will show that you believe in the power of the galaxy, as well as that you love the stars, planets, and other items that you can find in the universe.

10. Demon Thigh Tattoo

A bit scary yet truly gorgeous – wouldn’t you agree? This giant fairy tattoo is often worn by those who love to come off as dominant and freighting ladies that have a bit of attitude. This is a mysterious tattoo filled with a ton of character, don’t you agree?

11. Flowers & Scorpion Thigh Tattoo

Add just a pop of pink to your black thigh tattoo and try out this cool Scorpio and flower duo. The overall tattoo stands for femininity and your overall sexy energy. Show that you have a fierce and gentle side within you, depending on who you’re talking to.

12. Black Ink Dragon Thigh Tattoo

A dragon tattoo can symbolize your big and bold presence, as well as your way of living life. If your character is dominant and always driven by attention and grandiose expectations and desires – this is perfect for you.

13. Elegant Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos can be used to show your elegance and your calm demeanor. If you’re someone who is driven by Mother Nature and you enjoy feminine ideas, give this a go. The final result and black outlines will suit those who prefer simplicity.

14. Retro Portrait Design

You can try out this retro portrait design and give this thigh tattoo a go if you’re an old soul. Anyone who enjoys old-school music and the 60s will adore this black female portrait.

15. Japanese Inspired Artwork

Another cool and Japanese-inspired artwork that you can try out. If you enjoy bigger artwork and you can commit to it both time and money-wise, this is going to suit you. The final result is going to look so attractive and will stand for your wild and dominant spirit, as well as your way of asserting dominance in life.

16. Movie Thigh Tattoo

If you love classics and you know how to make a good movie-inspired tattoo work, give this a go! You can never go wrong with Harley and her badass character. Women who are fierce and quite driven in life will enjoy all about this big and colorful thigh design. Heads up as it can get quite pricey to do this beautiful print.

17. Horror Inspired Thigh Tattoo For Women

Do you love to watch horror movies? If so, this tattoo is for you. It will show that you’re all about spooky and scary scenes, as well as that you love stories of haunted mansions and ghost stories. Make the design cool and funky, as well as unique by sticking to this color combo.

Colorful Thigh Tattoos For Women

1. Yellow Flowers Thigh Tattoo

With this colorful flower tattoo you can show that sometimes, not all things are rainbows and butterflies! If you’re very well aware of your surroundings and you know that life can get quite complicated, as well as not as cheerful, this tattoo will show just that.

2. Funky Thigh Tattoo For Girls

Show your creative side and your wild spirit with this crazy thigh tattoo. Girls who love to come off funky and retro will like everything about this design. It shows your creativity and your way of connecting with people around you in your own little way.

3. Artsy Thigh Tattoo

If you love animals and you’re a creative individual who has seen Harry Potter, we know that you’re going to live for this tattoo! It is decorated in such bright neon light and it symbolizes your creative and free-spirited side. If you enjoy big thigh tattoos and you’re not afraid of the pain factor, book this beauty!

4. Funny Cartoon Thigh Tattoo

Funny and so colorful, don’t you agree?! This big thigh tattoo is going to show your creative and still somewhat childish side. If you are still a kid at heart and you enjoy wild tattoos that have been inspired by the sea – show this off!

5. Lion King Thigh Tattoo

If Lion King is one of your favorite cartoons still to this day, why not try out this tattoo? It symbolizes your childhood, as well as your growth and how time has made an impact on you as an individual. Everyone has watched this inspiring movie. If you’re a fan of cute animal artwork – this is a must-do for you.

6. Abstract Thigh Tattoo For Women

If you’re a fan of abstract artwork and you love medicine – show it with this print. This is a cool heart design that shows how your life and your view have changed over time. Sometimes and due to love, we can blossom! If you feel like this is the situation with you, this art will show it.

7. Cool Owl Thigh Tattoo

Show that you’re a patient person and that you value your time and the people around you with this owl print. Owls are seen as mystical and smart creatures, as well as loyal animals. If you’re full of wisdom and if you’re an old soul you can show it all with this thigh design.

8. Thigh Tattoo Dinosaur Print

Dinosaurs have been extinct, but they still live in our hearts. If you’re a big science geek and you love ancient stories and these lovely animals – this tattoo is for you. It will take you 6-8 hours to finish this thigh tattoo, so make sure that you’re up for the process.

9. Red Rose Thigh Tattoo

This cute rose tattoo is going to look amazing on your thighs. If you are a feminine, sensual, sensitive, and sexual person – what are you waiting for? This bright pink and red tattoo is screaming your name, and it is going to look amazing on you when you book it with your tattoo artist.

10. Floral Thigh Tattoos For Women

Try out several different flowers on your thighs as they can symbolize different paths in your life and your different and new adventures. You can also dedicate one flower each towards someone important in your life. Different shades stand for different emotions, so embrace this design and its beautiful meaning.

11. Cartoon Inspired Thigh Tattoo Idea

Those who love cartoons still to this day will adore this big and wild tattoo. Show that you’re still a child at heart and that you love to act like a kid and enjoy your playful time whenever you get a chance. Women who love colorful art and retro pieces will fancy this look. Make sure that you have 10+ hours to spare since this tattoo is a tricky one to go for.

12. Light Pink Rose Thigh Tattoo

Light pink roses with cute little hearts will symbolize your inner femininity and your overall love. If you’re a passionate girl and someone who loves to show off her beauty (both inside and out), this will look so mesmerizing on you!

13. Thigh Tattoo Fox Design

Try out this cute fox tattoo if you’re an animal lover and someone who enjoys Mother Nature. You’re going to show your foxy side and your wisdom with this tattoo. Decorate it with subtle flower details and show how you see yourself and your love for natural elements.

14. Angel Thigh Tattoo

We all have our little guardian angel with us, don’t you agree? If you’re a fan of big tattoos and outer-world creatures – this is for you. Stick to this lighter color combo and show that you’re all about peace and harmony. Also, book the best tattoo artist you know of since not everyone will know how to do this tattoo.

15. Elegant Crown Thigh Tattoo

Women who love to look and feel like royalty will enjoy this cute crown tattoo. Show that you value yourself and that you love to keep your head held high with this print. You will also come off as a gorgeous and elegant lady who knows how to get what she wants in life.

16. Sunflower Thigh Tattoo

Sunflowers are bringers of good luck and positive energy. If you’re as cheerful and wild as a sunflower + you love to make others around you happy and filled with positive energy – give this a go. It will look so good when done in a bigger size.

17. Scary Tiger Thigh Tattoo

Do you think that there’s a tiger within you? If you’re a fan of animals and cute artsy ideas that symbolize your inner fierce character, this print will show it all! Women who are wolf and unpredictable will also love this tiger and pink floral duo.

18. Flowers & Tiger Duo Thigh Tattoo–_IDFJ/

Make one half of your tattoo visible and hide the other half of it with this cool tiger design. If you enjoy feminine and artsy drawings that symbolize your creative and aesthetically pleasing character and way of living life – who are we to stop you from rocking this bold print?!

19. Egyptian Inspired Thigh Tattoo

If you’re a fan of old Egypt and ancient tattoos, why not embrace your inner Cleopatra? This giant thigh tattoo will look amazing on women who love feisty tattoos and those that are embracing and empowering femininity. Show that you love creating artwork, Egypt, and history with this creative artwork.

20. Cute Dog Thigh Tattoo For Women

Lastly, are you a dog owner? If so, you probably know about all the beauties of this tattoo! Show that you love your little furry pal and that you’re close to him or her and that you want to show it to the rest of the world. True friendships are so pure and honest, so why not embrace their beauty with this outgoing thigh tattoo?

New Design!

Which tattoo do you like the most and can’t wait to rock on your thighs and your legs? Are you more so a fan of bigger and more dramatic designs, or do you enjoy convenient and small (quick and easy) tattoos? We know that every girl is going to find something for herself easily on this list. What do you fancy the most out of the bunch? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you with your new and creative design!

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