Top 26 Best tummy tuck scar cover up tattoos

Have you had a tummy tuck and are you looking for a cover-up solution? Men and women who have struggled with extra weight may opt for this option at one point. The surgery itself isn’t that hard to do, but covering up any new scars can be tricky. This is why getting a cover-up tattoo might be a great idea in your case! With the right approach and a skilled tattoo artist, you can hide away any previous imperfections. If you want to browse through some gorgeous options and if you’re ready for a ‘new you’, here’s what we’ve come up with!

Top 26 Best Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoos

Colorful Tumy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoos

1. Tiger Cover Up Tattoo On Stomach

Show that you’re a brave and tough warrior with this cool stomach tattoo and a cheetah print! Women who have had a tummy tuck scar will want to experiment with this type of tattoo. The color combo and these big scary-looking eyes will show that you attract only the strongest people. You are also a force that others don’t want to mess with. It is not a time-consuming tattoo, yet it is a piece that can be painful to go for. If your pain tolerance is really low, heads up before you commit to this tattoo. In the end, it might suit fears and younger women who are hungry for looks and attention.

2. Big & Colorful Tummy Tattoo

When a tattoo is done the right way, no one can tell that you had an operation! If you’re a girl who enjoys big and bold prints, why not go all the way out? For instance, this print shows someone who is always predicting the future, and looking forward to positive outcomes. If you believe in magic and you don’t want your past or your history to define you – this is perfect! Show that you can overcome anything and that you’re ready for a new chapter with your tummy tuck surgery, and your new design.

3. Floral Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoos

How bold are you? The real question is, how far are you willing to go? Not a lot of women could commit to this style of tattoo, but can you? First off, it will take you 10+ hours to do this exact tattoo. Secondly, it can get quite pricey, so make sure that your budget is flexible. However and all in all, this tattoo is a masterpiece worth exploring. If you are a fan of bright and loud colors and you want to commit to something new, why not this? It will successfully cover up all of your scars and you’re going to enjoy its stylish and feminine new outcome.

4. Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

If you believe in the beauty of reincarnation and you think that you have the power to win it all – this tattoo is for you. Although some women are afraid of bugs, we believe that they’re a fun way to overcome any obstacles. With this moth, one will show growth and resurrection. If you believe that everything happens for a reason – this tattoo is for you. Although you have gone through that surgery, don’t let it “shape” you. Spread your wings and fly girl!

5. Bright Green Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoo

Are you someone who enjoys colorful tattoos? Do you trust your tattoo artist and his or her expertise? If so, why not go big and colorful?! This giant green stomach tattoo is for those who like to draw attention and tell their story. Although a tummy tuck is not that dangerous, it still takes “guts” to do it. If you’re a fan of the green shade and you want to come off as a bold individual who knows what they want – give this a go. Let the world know that there’s a fierce dragon within you and that you’re ready to spread your wings and explore the world.

6. Cool Red Rose Stomach Tattoo

Every woman loves and adores roses, am I right? The key is in finding a flower that you love and expressing it to the world in your unique way. If you enjoy feminine and artsy tattoos and you’re full of love and care, this tummy tuck tattoo cover up is for you! Stick to bright red ink as it is very hard to see through, meaning that you’re going to successfully cover up anything that is underneath. The pigment is bright and vivid, allowing for a gorgeous outcome that everyone will find sexy. Become the main attraction when at the beach with this design and thank us later!

7. Mystical Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoos

Do you enjoy scarier tattoos and skull designs? How about this unique little piece that is colorful and different? A skull within a bug can symbolize your life and your surroundings, as well as how you see the world going around you. Although some people might find you to be scary and mysterious, this is mostly due to your defense mechanism. If you enjoy scarier tattoos and you want something that can define your tummy tuck journey (but still make you look like a badass), this is for you!

8. Big Bug Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoos

Cool and bright stomach tattoo like this one is for women who enjoy scary designs. This is a mystical print, as well as something that is going to describe your messy road and life that’s been happening to you. Although nothing is perfect, show that you value yourself and that you think highly about yourself! With this rose print underneath, every woman will embrace her femininity. Your scar won’t pop as much, plus everyone is going to ask you about the meaning of this cool concept.

9. Feminine Floral Tattoo On Stomach

Are you a fan of feminine ideas and tattoos that are creative? Do you love flowers and cute little patterns? This cute design is going to show off your feminine and elegant character. If you have had a tough experience but you’re proud of where you’ve come – this is for you. You can easily cover up your scar and get rid of the tummy tuck by booking an experienced tattoo artist. Show that you’re aware of the beauty of life and that you’re ready to try out new things and life paths. The final result won’t hurt too much, and it isn’t too expensive either. Black and pink ink shouldn’t add up.

10. Blue Bird Tattoo

Bright blue and colorful peacock such as this one is for those who love birds, as well as dramatic symbols. A blue feather is seen as a positive and magical symbol, often worn by those who believe in magic and the powers around us. If you have gone through a transformation like a peacock and you’re proud of where you come, this tummy tuck will show it, and it will speak louder than words.

Black Ink Stomach Tattoos Tummy Tuck Scar

1. Black Flower On Stomach

Are you a fan of feminine tattoos and magical-like symbols? Do you love minimalism and smaller tattoos, as well as flowers? Anyone who wants to try out a geometrical tattoo and wants to embrace their love for floral outlines will fancy this tattoo. If your tummy tuck scar is a bit smaller and not as visible, we recommend giving this style of tattooing a try. Show that you’re ready to explore some great moments in your life and stick to this art.

2. Black Outline On Stomach Tattoo

Do you love cartoons and rocking some funny or smaller prints? Do you trust your tattoo artist, and are you a fan of smaller one line tattoos? This tummy tuck cover up design will tell that you’re all about living a slow and steady lifestyle while enjoying what’s to come! You can also write out your entire story on your body with this tummy tuck concept. Women who prefer black outlines and tattoos that show their love for simpler things will naturally gravitate toward this print.

3. Cute Flowers Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoo

A lot of women love floral tattoos. Do you? If you’re a fan of nature itself and you wish to show off your femininity in one way, why not like so? Small black outline flowers on your stomach will show that you love feeling appreciated. You will also show that you love receiving or giving flowers. You can go for your favorite floral kind and create a whole story by connecting them and pairing them together on your stomach. Black floral tattoos won’t cost a lot, yet they’re going to represent your true pride and soft feminine beauty.

4. Full Body Tattoos

Not everyone is into big and flashy tattoos. Are you? Do you want to make your body a gorgeous canvas and cover it in all sorts of art? Women who love to explore and try new tattoos, as well as women who prefer to stand out should consider this concept. Covering your full body into artwork will take days of constant work, but the final result is truly worth it and one of a kind! Anyone who is not tight with their budget, as well as those who prefer full-body artwork should consider this concept. Not only that it is going to cover your tummy tuck scarring, but basically any type of previous scars or even tattoos that you might regret!

5. Black Wolf Stomach Tattoo

Funny and scary at the same, this tattoo of a wolf eating a sheep shows different layers to your design. It is a giant tattoo that can show growth and how you see yourself now compared to before. Big fish eat small fish, right? Well, if you prefer detailed outlines and you’re aware of the change that you have had, along with glow-up, this tattoo is for you. Your surgery may have had an impact on your body, meaning that you will want to embrace it the best way you can. This black and white ink tattoo is an intriguing way to do it.

6. Giant Masterpiece Cover Up Tattoos

Women who have had a bigger surgery will want to try out a bigger tattoo. The key is in hiding your imperfections or your scars with the right technique. This tattoo shows your inner battles and how time has had its impact on shaping you. The final result will take hours to do. Give it a go only if you trust your tattoo artist and if you think that they can create such artwork. Show that your past can shape you and that you’re willing to overcome and adapt accordingly.

7. Bat Tattoo On Stomach

This small bat tattoo on your stomach is going to look amazing when done in a bigger format. You can use it to cover your tummy tuck scar surgery, but also in general if you’re a big animal lover. Bats are a symbol of good luck and how one should follow his or her way when making big decisions. The final tattoo won’t hurt too much as you place it on your stomach, but it is going to show your true intentions and way of enjoying life.

8. Black Moth Design

Somewhat scary and different, this tattoo of a moth is used to symbolize your persistence. A moth can also stand for change and personal transformation. Since you’ve been in a transformation recently, let the world see it! Your new body is not something that people want to mess with. This type of change has taken years and a lot of money to do, resulting in you shining and showing off your new colors. Embrace the transformation and everything happening around you in this way. Although it may not be a “girly” tattoo as some of you may want, it is a tattoo that shows a lot of character. Anyone who wants to tell their story in one unique way will fancy this tattoo.

9. Black Fierce Tummy Tuck Scar Cover Up Tattoo

A big black stomach tattoo cover-up like this one is cute and detailed, as well as very feminine. It shows your sexy side, as well as your way of overcoming difficulties. Show that you love different and quirky designs, as well as tattoos that are big and one of a kind. This little devilish and retro print will show that you’re ready to face anything that may come your way. You should invest around 3 hours when booking and planning on getting this tattoo.

10. Black Medusa Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo

Do you like this giant Medusa headprint? Are you a fan of geek mythology or mythology in general? If you like defined stomach tattoos and black ink, this is worth exploring. Show that you’re closely connected with your history and that you also love ancient pieces. Women who want a tattoo that is sexy and representative of true feminine beauty – this one is for you. Make sure that you book a skilled tattoo artist and recreate this exact same Medusa outline – in style!

11. Feminine & Cute Flower Tattoo

If your tummy tuck scar tattoo is on the smaller side – rock it with confidence! Not everyone wants a big and bold tattoo, and some women have got smaller scars that they don’t want to hide. There might not be a need for an overdone tattoo either. If you want to show your true curves and their outlines – this tattoo will suit you. It is not too hard or pricey to do either.

12. Black Bug Stomach Tattoo

A lot of women are afraid of bugs. Are you? Why not make something you fear your own power? This big and giant stomach tattoo will hide any previous scars. It is going to show that you’re ready to commit to anything new and big that may come your way. If you are struggling with a bigger scar just know that this masterpiece will easily cover it.

13. Fierce Look Tummy Tuck Scar Design

Try out this giant tummy scar tattoo and decorate it with black symbols. If your scars are placed relatively low, this tattoo will hide them completely. It is such a detailed and spiritual tattoo that is going to show your personal beliefs and inner deeper connection. Anyone close to their internal thoughts will love every hint about this piece. It is not too hard to do, and most tattoo artists will easily pull off this design. It won’t get too pricey either. Try it out if you’re someone who enjoys fun and floral duos!

14. Black Butterfly Print On Stomach

A gorgeous and giant black butterfly like this one is a masterpiece worth exploring. It is a tattoo that is often worn by those who like elegant and playful pieces. Symbolize your inner personal growth and journey, as well as strength with this design. Those who have been trying to stay focused and have been making a difference in their lives will enjoy this print. The final design is very big and intriguing, but also perfect at covering up any type of scars underneath. If you struggle with big scars – this is for you and your tummy tuck operation.

15. Cute Roses Tattoo Creation

Try out several smaller roses on your lower belly if this is your only “critical” area. Your scarring can be on your lower belly only, which means that it is up to you to customize the tattoo however you want and like. Women who love flowers and roses will fall in love with this tattooing technique. Once done the right way and by the right tattoo artist, you will be left with a masterpiece like no other! If you trust your try tattoo artist and you’re ready to commit to something new, why not this? You’re looking at 5-6 hours of tattooing.

16. Tribal Stomach Tattoo

Lastly, those who love tribal tattoos or mandala prints will enjoy this design. It is also done only on the lower part of the stomach, making any medium-sized scars less visible. If you’re looking for a detailed design and you are spiritual, this will call out your name! Men and women who fancy black ink and simple outlines will see the beauty of this tattoo. You’re not going to pay a lot either for this design, so what’s stopping you from giving it a go?

Ready To Hide Your Tummy Tuck Scar?

Doing a tummy tuck scar cover up tattoos doesn’t have to be too painful. The trick is in doing a design that you love and at a tattoo shop that can make your dreams & wishes come true. Choose wisely from our list, and let us know what you can’t wait to rock out of these 26 ideas!

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